Friday, December 16, 2011


This is the song that's going through my head because I just checked my blog stats!! Eeep!!!!! I'm so excited, I love you guys so much! It makes my day whenever I find out that someone reads my blog!! So just.. thank you! Thanks to the people in Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, the UK, Bahrain, Germany, Russia, and the US. (I found it odd that Russia was the second most popular with 164 total views.. I don't know any Russians. But спасибо to those who do!!) So... I decided to share some of the cooler stats with you guys. Let me know if this bores/irritates you. I thought it was super cool but I'm biased.

My Most Popular Posts (which TOTALLY helps me figure out what to write about) are:

To find my blog, people like to Google things such as: "gothic little christmas", "adderall awkward", "adderall queen", and "and remembering because you". 
My blog is popular to Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. To add to the age-old Windows vs. 
arguments, the Masochistic Beaver is more popular to Windows viewers by far!! Mac users, step up! 
(I'm a Windows girl. But I've never had a Mac to compare it to.)
Masochistic Beavers have visited this page seventeen times today! They visited 31 times yesterday and 738 
times last month!!!
Wow!! Again, thank you guys SO MUCH!!!!!! It totally makes blogging worthwhile when I know that people
 read it!

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