Friday, April 20, 2012



Oh wait, actually, I'm not. Truth is, I've never, ever, ever been high. Or close to it. In fact, I've never smoked, or even been around weed. I actually think pot is stupid. But, whatever, I'm not going to jump up there on my soapbox and start looking down on you.
I just want to share some of my favorite experiences with you guys. Ones that were entirely sober. This mostly stems from CTC's art fair that was held tonight. I got to see all of the people that I love and have really missed. And it really does make me want to go "home."

"We could steal a hot air balloon, fly to Canada, get horses, and become Mounties! Then, nobody would mess with us." --Nick
This actually came from walking around downtown with some of my friends. This creepy 20-year-old (so he said, we didn't question it. Stupid move.) started hitting on Mary and hung out with us. He was pretty funny, actually. Not that I ever want to repeat that situation again, I just enjoy the memories that came of it.

I don't even remember how this came to be. I'm sure she has it on video somewhere.

"Plutoid!!! That is a nice navel!" --Riley & me
In Gym, in the locker rooms (because nothing's funny unless I'm in some state of undress), Riley and I were joking about bellybutton-fetishes that were popular in the Medieval times. Then I began to use some pickup lines such as, "Hey, nice navel" and it just stemmed from there. Riley is my Plutoid because we both consider ourselves to be too small to be considered full-size people, definitely too small to achieve the planetary status. So, we settled for the very inclusive Plutoid club.

"I would stand in front of a tree for you!" --Gabby
It sounds like he says "tree" instead of "train." We went with it.


MIKEY! Stop your mental voice.
-----I stopped.
Well, I can still hear it!
-----There are therapists for that." --Two different conversations with Sra. Goll
Gabby had herpes (actually, they were herpst for her braces. But she texted me and I thought she had misspelled "herpes" so it just rolled from there) and bands on her teeth. Taylor was poking them. Senora Goll yelled at her.
Mikey wanted to be chosen in class, but he was being ignored. So he just sent mental messages to Senora Goll. That's right, we tele-pathetically communicate.

"It's funny when you look like you're about to cut your nipple off." --Ashley
"Why are you pinching my weenus?
-----'cause it's a sexy weenus!" --Ashley and me
"She didn't even speak ENGLISH! She was, like, AUSTRALIAN!!!" --Sheena
...I don't even know...But I was laughing my butt off when I saw these.

We were reading a comic and the "I's" looked like "L's" so that's what Kellen read! It was really funny because he didn't even question that. He just screamed "YLLL PLLL" as loudly as possible.

Monday, April 9, 2012

What's In My Bag?

I've seen all of my favorite YouTubers doing "What's In My Bag?" videos and I really wanted to do one as well. I recently cleaned out my bag, so now's the perfect time! However, I don't have editing software, and want this to be really quick. So, since I'm running behind on blog posts (sorry!), I thought I'd do this here!

My bag! It's "Tickle Me Elmo" and covered in pins. I have a crazy key chain, but no keys.

Sharma cards for my AP Human Geography class. (Hardest class ever. For those of you who haven't taken it, don't. I'm an A-B student, never gotten an A in that class, and it's so hard! And you know it's hard when somebody from the gifted school complains about it.)

My beauty bag! My Mama made it for me.

Lotion! I always carry a mini thing of lotion with me. This is "Carried Away" by Bath and Body Works. I highly recommend it.

Bobby pins! It's a cute little container of them.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss in "Slice of Heaven" It smells delicious. I seriously just want to eat the lip gloss!

Deodorant! I always carry one with me and highly recommend it. I live in a hot climate, and this stuff is a lifesaver! It's Cherry Blossom scented, if you wanted to know.

Advil Liquigels! (Well, off-brand LiquiGels) I carry a mini thing with seven doses, since I am prone to nasty headaches. This is super tiny and has saved my life on multiple occasions. (It's a CVS brand. Just walk in and they have the big bottle and it comes with the mini bottle.)

A compact! I never use it, but girls always ask me if I have a mirror. So I thought I'd start carrying one!

A "Lady Bag". No, I'm not ashamed of it. It's a fact of life.

A book. "Chasing Vermeer" I really like it! It's a science, math, mystery, completely nerdy book. They made us read it in fifth grade, and I loved it! Highly recommend it!

Una hoja de papel en Espanol. It's my cheat-sheet for conjugations. My Spanish teacher gave us these as "parting gifts" and they are a complete lifesaver! Kids always ask where I got it, and say that it's a brilliant idea! Because it is.

Spanish homework. My Spanish teacher doesn't make us do the "Vosotros" form of things =( that drives me bonkers. BUT I did all of this sheet in two minutes, thanks to my Spanish cheat sheet! (If you guys want, I can blog everything on it for you. The cheat sheet, that is. That way, you can copy, paste, and save yourselves! Just let me know!)

"Teenage Waistland" is a really good book. I finished it in two days, and I really liked it. It's super cute! I highly recommend reading it! Maybe I should make a post about books. (Just realized that book titles should be italicized but it's late and I don't want to.)

Headphones. Don't know why, because I never use them. But I always have them!

An unsharpened pencil... 'cause those are necessary for every day use.


A "shopping list" that I made when I went to the mall this Saturday.

World of Coke glasses. These are actually just an inside joke with Ben. He went through my purse and was all, "Why do you still have these?" and I changed purses, and kept them. Just to amuse myself.

Emergency Mustaches.

My "State Issued ID" No, I don't have a permit or a license. I don't want mine. I'm plenty old enough to get one, I just don't feel the need to have one.

My HT+1 card.

Bug's Christmas picture! This is actually in my wallet's ID slot, because it's just so gosh-darned adorable! I love his little smile!

My school ID and it's lanyard. It's always in my bag, so that I'll never forget it! I was switching bags quickly before I went downtown a few weeks ago and I threw it in there. My mom was like, "Why are you putting it in there? You won't need your school ID downtown." But I just always have it, so I never forget it. Because I don't feel like either shelling out $5 or spending the day in ISS.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How To Deal With Nerds

Recently, I have switched from a nerd school with 69 kids in my grade, and 300 in the whole school, to a much larger school with almost 500 in my grade alone. This drastic change has made me realize some things. 1) People my age, and some adults, are quite dumb. 2) Cigarettes smell of the color yellow. And 3) Most people don't know how to deal with me, or nerds in general. So, I thought I'd give the Average Joe some tips. Fellow nerds, please feel free to add on.

  1. We don't like our cheese moved. We are very set in our ways. If you try and secretly mix up our schedule, we will know. Schedules send off pheromones, when they change, so do the pheromones. We will smell that. Fear and chaos will ensue. Small ones will curl up in to balls in the corner, and wimper. Large ones will fight and yell.
  2. We're very bad at social cues. Once, in fifth grade, our teachers made us a poster with social cues on it, because we were so bad at them. Especially the ones that involve talking, pauses, and verbal hints. Quantum physics? No problem. Understanding body language? No entendemos.
  3. We're usually quite anal about things. Refer to point 1, we like things just so. I, for one, always sit in the same spot. At lunch, I sit facing the gym, on the far right seat, in front of the window-thing. That's where I always sit. In every class, I sit in the same seat. I don't care if it's my assigned seat or not. Once I find that I enjoy that spot, it becomes my spot. I've been known to fight with my brother over a seat, because I have claimed it as my seat.
  4. We will fight you over everything if you're new to us. Just ask our long-term Spanish sub. We did not like her. Maybe because she broke rules 1 and 3, or maybe because she was evil, or maybe because she was new and we did not trust her. However, you may earn our trust by fighting back, but still letting us know we won. It shows a sense of dominance and willingness to lead, without overthrowing our ruling. You can also just woo us with treats. Our teachers were yelled at for feeding us because "we weren't monkeys." They fed us just the same, because we just work better with Skittles in our system.
  5. We will fight you over everything if we don't like you. It doesn't matter who you are. It's nothing personal. We just like to debate, and will debate quite a lot if we don't like you. We might even make threats on your life. Don't worry, we won't go through with them, most of the time. And we do that to people we like, too.
  6. We will fight you over everything if we believe you are wrong. We enjoy having the world being just-so and always right. We're incredibly anal about things, and don't like it when they're upset.
  7. We believe that we are always right. Due to our "higher mental capacity," we believe that we may rule the world. If you challenge that belief, we will, rather like the 18th century church, fight you, shut you down, maybe even put you under house arrest for challenging our beliefs. Nothing personal. It's just how we are.
  8. We get bored easily. My notes are filled with doodles, because of boredom. I often zone out, talk, or just doze if I get bored in my class. Coming from a school where somebody was set on fire, we launched rockets, and put holes in the ceiling, it's hard to live up to it. However, making us take notes on "e, aste, o, amos, asteis, aron" for the thousandth time will cause us to hurt you.
  9. We talk a lot. It's just how we work. We're little chatterboxes. And often spout useless facts that nobody really cares about, but we feel should be known. We're used to companions who also know useless facts, and competing to see who knows the most irrelevant stuff. Don't feel bad if you are ignorant to the fact that pigs are the fifth smartest animal, we will only ridicule you in another language.
  10. We normally don't cope well with conventional teaching. Referring to rule 8, we are easily bored. So, what works well for the average student, probably just irritated us in sixth grade. Teachers, don't take it personally. Nerd teachers are just better.
  11. Trying to herd nerds (teehee, a rhyme!) is like trying to herd cats. We are easily distracted and amazed by things, and will wander off. We often don't stay on the same subject for long. (Whether to inability or distaste, I haven't figured out.) We think in odd little paths. So you may be trying to educate us on RNA, and we may be talking about whales. It's okay. Just ignore us.
  12. We normally don't cope well in large groups with children our own age. period. Many of my friends have figured this out. I'm oddly shy. For my first few weeks at my new school, I wouldn't talk to anybody, look at anybody, and kept to myself. However, my friends are very good, once they learn my quirks. Ben will let me hide behind him, while he introduces me. He also knows that, when I scratch my upper arm/elbow, and refuse to make eye contact, that I feel awkward. If I've first met you, I probably won't give you a full sentence, much less a conversation. Also, I have a habit of just looking at my friends with a frightened-puppy look, hoping they'll speak for me. It confuses newcomers, but I really am not trying to be rude. I'm just trying to figure you out before I speak. One kid walked up to my table at lunch, he was quite nice. I would only smile and give him bits of a sentence. He looked at my friend, asked what was wrong, my friend very kindly said that "she just won't talk to you when she first meets you. Don't take it personally. She wouldn't talk to me for at least a week after she met me." I really wouldn't. The only person I've started talking to immediately from day one, was Ben. I don't know why, I was just instantly comfortable with him. He's special. I'm even like that with family members. 
So, please, don't get offended or irritated by nerds. We're just quirky and different from other kids. We mean well. Once you become our friends, which is quite easy, we will love you for all time. Rather like puppies, we're loyal and quite affectionate. You just need to take time to become accustomed to us.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

In Love

I really wanted to post something today, but I couldn't think of what. But, then I decided, my posts don't always have to have a purpose! Sometimes, I can post just for grins and giggles! So now I shall post about some of the things that I just love! The only thing they'll have in common? They're all from my Pinterest!

I really like mohawks. But I don't think I could get one.

<3 Love the last few lines of this. I always make Fight Club references.

 Again with Fight Club
 I love this!
 So witchy and magical. Women are so powerful!
 Okay. So, pole dancing is often 99.999% of the time considered slutty. I, however, think it looks fun. Maybe I'll try a pole dancing class years from now.
Shakespeare! This is my quote. Because, you know, I'm 5'1.5" tall.

Again, very magical. I want a tarot deck. I think it'd be cool.

Maybe I'll cut my hair like this over the summer! I want to do something "drastic" to it. I really like the look of mohawks, and I could consider this. Because, should I grow tired of it, I can just cut it back to the short non-mohawk bit.

An undercut. She's so pretty!

Teal hair and an undercut.. So cool!

I really want to just steal this girl's outfit! No joke.

Girls with dreadlocks are super pretty. However, I could never commit to dreadlocks. I just want a girl friend who has them, so I can drool over her hair.

 This outfit is amazing and magical and I WANT IT!
 Alice in Wonderland quote
 A witch's box. I'm really excited for Halloween this year.
This just made me laugh

 If you don't know, I believe in gay marriage
Whip It! really makes me want to join roller derby. Maybe I'll do that when I'm older, along with pole dancing.

Her ear looks like a collage. I love it!

To me, this looks like a grade school.

I'd rather live with a cat than a lesbian. I love lesbians, don't get me wrong, but you can have more cats to a house than you can lesbians.

Pole dancing is pretty impressive.

So sad.

I'm guessing SNL, but I don't watch that show so...

Just.. Wow. I believe in gay rights, churches believe in anti-abortion and no gay rights. This is a fantastic question to be asking everybody.

Girls. With. Dreadlocks.


 So clever.
This is just too cute.

I need five thousand of these, dinner plate sized, so I can pass them out at school.

So pretty! Again, for Halloween.

Her hair is too pretty.

I would like A, B, D, F, I, I have J, and I want L.

I love the look of jars, vases, and vials.


This is so clever. And, actually, it's my desktop background right now!

She looks so free and bohemian!

Wrinkle in Time. It reminds me of my ChaCha. I think she was a creature, just like Mrs. Whatsit or Mrs. Who.

I just love vials. I wish I had a bajillion. I would fill them with things and wear them as necklaces. Especially for Halloween.

To me, this looks like a boho Buttercup, from The Princess Bride.