Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tweeting While You're High

I've seen a growing trend of tweets and facebook posts while you're high (or drunk) and I would just like to say a few things.
  1. You're, like, thirteen. I seriously doubt you're that messed up.
  2. Taking a few sips (even a chug) of your dad's beer or your mom's wine does not count as getting drunk. So stop.
  3. When your brother passes you the joint and you stick it in your mouth, you're supposed to inhale. Just because you touched pot does not mean you're high. Also, even if you do inhale, I seriously doubt one breath makes you high.
  4. Even if you are high/drunk, you shouldn't post about it. It doesn't make you cool. "Oooh! Look! I can make irresponsible decisions!" that just screams "cool", doesn't it? No. It really doesn't. It just jacks up your life and you should probably GET OVER YOURSELF! Nobody is going to think that you're cool.
  5. If you are truly THAT messed up, would you really be capable of typing everything perfectly? I don't think you.
All in all, it just irritates me when people think they're cool for posting how "high" they are. It doesn't make you seem cool. In fact, it just makes you seem immature and obnoxious. Nobody cares. Those who do, are probably high. And I don't think it would reflect well on your future career if 1) the cops caught you getting high because you're a moron for posting it or 2) your boss checked out your facebook/twitter and saw you posting about getting all high and acting cool. Just saying.. Well, nothing's impressive.

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