Friday, December 9, 2011


I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of my Bug (a HUGE part of my life) in a while. So here's a little update-photodump of that cute little monkey. 
Since last time, Bug has begun to talk more and form actual words (not like "anthropomorphism" but like "mama" and "dada" which is a start.) We've taught him some new stupid pet tricks. If we run our finger up and down his mouth, he'll make a loud noise which we then alter with our fingers. He can clap and eat cheese toast now. Since he has little teeth-nubs, we can feed him all sorts of new foods.
He's a lot more mobile. He can crawl easily and will crawl ANYWHERE you let him go. He can pull up on things and, I believe, stand on his own. If you hold him up by the arms and kind of nudge his ankles, you can get him to take a step or two before he collapses and goes back to crawling. Some new favorite games are pretty much anything that makes noise and chase (I'll get on the floor and crawl with him. He thinks it's hilarious.) The old favorite of knock-Brina's-phone-on-the-floor and climb-all-over-Brina-to-get-her-phone are still in effect and becoming more and more challenging since he can actually stand and crawl now..
That's about all I can think of now.. (Is it weird to be talking this in-depth about someone else's baby? o.O I feel like a creeper but I love that little turkey so..)
 It kind of entertains me how worried he looks in this one..

 A self-portrait he took of himself. I kind of love this picture.

 Eating some cookies!! He loved them.

 I love how he's completely focused on the camera. Uberly entertaining.

 This is actually quite old. But whatever.. 

 Another one. I love his face in this picture.

 At iHop, nomming on some pancakes.

In the car. You can see how focused he is on my phone. (The car wasn't moving.. It actually broke down right outside of my high school. I was entertaining him while Andrew and Aunt Amanda-- his parents-- fixed the car.)

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