Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best Number in the World


So, I absolutely adore the number 2. In my opinion, it is the greatest number. I shall start at the beginning of the MANY uses of two. For example two:

  • determines whether or not a number is even or odd
  • it is the VERY FIRST prime (one is neither prime NOR composite. If you're still confused, I shall elaborate later) and the ONLY even prime 
Optimus Prime. teehee a little math humor xD
  • Two, as everyone knows, comes right before three. Three is also prime and two and three are the ONLY two consecutive prime numbers.
  • Two is third in the Fibonacci sequence. The only way that could be cooler would be if two was second.
  • ANY fraction with two (or five. But the focus here is on two) as the base will NEVER EVER (as hard as you may try) result in an unending decimal. (This is because two and five are factors of the base-number, 10)
  • With two, no matter if you add 2 and 2, multiply 2 and 2, or square 2 and 2, the answer will ALWAYS be four. I believe this is the only, if not one of very few, numbers that does this.
  • Computers are based on a binary system. Binary systems operate off of two.
  • The square root of two is the very first (known) irrational number
  • When you square things, two is the exponent.
  • Two is the atomic number of helium, as well as the number of pulynucleotide strands in a DNA double helix
  • Humans, and most animals, are built on two. Two-- or four, which is 2^2-- legs, eyes, ears, and arms. Also, the human heart has two sections (four chambers)
  • In Chinese culture, two is considered a lucky number.
  • 2.00 as a GPA indicates a C-average, which is necessary for most colleges.
That is the end of this two post. Maybe next time I'll do one on the Fibonacci sequence (I find that to be FASCINATING!). Until then, toodles!

**Okay. OKAY! So I didn't know EVERYTHING! But Wikipedia did. So, thank you very much.

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