Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Make a Baby

This video is SO educational!! I always wondered how babies were made and now I know. This is a very in-depth look on how babies are made. From now on, whenever a little kid asks, I shall just show them this video and all the little questions will be answered. I don't know why people didn't think to film how babies were made sooner. Sheesh..

(NOTE:: While the video I posted was fine, I can't say the same for the linked videos. I haven't watched them but the internet is a scary place. So be warned, willy-nilly clickers. STAY ON THIS VIDEO!! Ye be warned.)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Lion King

The Lion King is one of my MANY favorite movies. And I had the honor of seeing it performed on Broadway. They did that movie SO well! Scar was evil and creepy without being cheesy. Simba was scared of what he had done just enough. Nala was so feisty without being obnoxious. The Circle of Life made me cry. It was just that powerful. Such an amazing show. And an amazing movie. =) I can't wait to go home and watch it now. Haha xD Oh and I can't wait for the movie to be re-released this year!! I am TOTALLY going to see it in theaters!! I will probably cry from excitement.

=) Source


I actually have a picture of two of my dogs doing the exact same thing.. Source

Upstate Women's Show

The Upstate Women's Show the other day was TONS of fun!! The dancers looked GORGEOUS and the show went off without a hitch. Layla's sword solo was incredibly impressive and Karen, Sheila, and Erinne's dance was marvelous. Layla and Laura performed a duet that left everyone in awe! It was made even better by their costumes-- Laura was in an eye-catching blue and Layla was wearing fiery red. All the costumes were fantastic, of course.
To make things even better, my friend, Ben, showed up. He missed the performance =( but we still had fun. We made a picture frame with duct tape, a hippo, a turtle, and a fish and gave each other tattoos. Haha xD it was fun. I glittered him. It was a very successful day!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Belly dance

I'm belly dancing this weekend and I am soooo excited! We (dancers of Layali Layla Middle Eastern Dance Company) are dancing for the Upstate Women's Show this Saturday. I absolutely love belly dance and big performances are my favorites. I mean, who doesn't love to show off in front of a bunch of other people?? To make it even better, I am dancing two of my absolute favorites. DRUM SOLOS!!! Drum solos are The. Most. Fun. To. Dance. After the two drum solos, we're performing a cane dance. Three of the dancers are doing a veil/finger cymbal dance. Two of the girls are dancing a beautiful duet. And then Layla will perform a sword solo, if there's time.
My mama and I-- she dances with us but won't perform =(-- after a performance at Caesar's.

My Layla (on the left), Charlotte (in the red. She's going to college now so we don't see her as much =(), and I after a performance at Caesar's.

From a beautiful photo shoot with Oliver Yu. The other girls took  absolutely breathtaking pictures.

More by Oliver Yu.

And a final by Oliver Yu.
For videos of Layali Layla Dance Company at various performances, see their YouTube account.


So I know I already told you that I love this girl but I'm going to say it again. I LOVE THIS GIRL!!! We make music videos together all the time and it is sooooo funny!!
And then these are our songs. The first is "Sexy Back" because she and I TOTALLY bring Sexy Back. The second is "Grenade" because.. I'd stand in front of a tree for her xD

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alice in Wonderland

I really, really, really love "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll. I have read both "Through the Looking Glass" and "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and I prefer "Wonderland."  Though both are FANTASTIC!!
Along with the books, I absolutely LOVE the ANIMATED Disney movie. Not the Tim Burton one (that one's okay but I don't like it nearly as much..) but the "original" 1951 animated movie. (I have a love of movies from the fifties and sixties..) It is so cute!
I also love tea. Maybe my love stemmed from this..? Source

I've memorized this poem (well, the version the Tweedles sing anyways) and the first stanza of The Jabberwocky thanks to this movie. Source

This is a cute little song.. I was always enchanted by the white rose. Source
Now good bye! For "I'm late, I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say 'hello,' GOODBYE! I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" Source

Monday, August 22, 2011

Emilie Autumn

So Emilie Autumn is one of my favorite artists. I love her hair and her outfits. But I am extraspecially fond of her voice and music. She describes it as "Victoriandustrial." It is incredibly twisted. She calls her tour group "The Asylum" and her fans are "Plague Rats". Here is her website but I find it rather depressing. Not much information at all. You could follow her on Twitter ( because that is MUCH better.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lightsaber Chopsticks??

So I first found out about these on LoveElycia and I Googled them. They are The. Coolest. Things. EVER! Makes me want to learn how to use chopsticks. Maybe I could get some and just stab it through the middle of my sushi, like a kebab..?




So this girl was my roomie for three days! She was one of two that didn't hide in the bathroom because of our impending doom. And she's pretty and funny. She was there for our Applebee's fundraiser. (I believe she helped us drag Gabby up the stairs.. That was fun.)
She looks so pathetic in the dryer.

Keegan, Meagan, Sam, Gabby, and Taylor were my roommates. Caitlyn and Mary weren't.

Before GWL. I love Gabby in the background.

So beautiful. I believe they were dancing. Taylor was our director and photographer.

At GWL!! Meagan looks scared. Gabby was laying on Sam.. "U-ter-us!"

They all look so pretty!! Even Bryan.

Such a cute picture.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mary, Mary, Unordinary.

I mean unordinary in the best of ways!! Because I love Mary!
Mary and a bunch of us from the dance. She's on the top, second from the right. The one with the curly hair that's right above me.

She's to the right of the fairy in this one. This was a fun day.

This is SOOO old!!

Much abused Mary.. Poor girl. Mean ol' Sam!!

Hamsters? Mary and Caitlyn? I'm gonna have to go with hamsters.

I love this picture. It is SOO pretty!

Here's one of Adam Lambert, since he's Mary's FAVORITE. Source

Yarn Bombing

Yarn bombing is the newest form of street art that uses YARN instead of paint or other mediums. They're a lot nicer and prettier than graffiti (even though I LOVE Banksy's work) and, even though it can last YEARS, the haters can always take it down if needed. It even has its own WEBSITE. Check it out.
This is riding in STYLE!! Source

I would love to make a phone call in this one. Source

I'm guessing this is for a Walk/Don't Walk sign. I would NEVER walk. I'd just pet it all the time. Source

The best handrail EVER. Source

So wintry! Source

I want to learn how to knit. Source

So pretty. I'd get a felt tree and string this on them. Source

Makes me want to ride my bike EVERYWHERE. Source

Or ride the bus. Source

Back to the bike idea. Source

Even firemen are getting in on the action!! Source

Coziest teepee EVER! Source
So there you have it. Yarn bombing. It is gorgeous and oh so cozy looking. If someone would yarn bomb downtown, I would love them.

Fun Hair

I'm missing my fun blue hair. So I wanted to post about it. I am DROOLING over all these lovelies hair!! If I could take it and make it my own, I would.
I love her hair. And her drink. TEA??
One of my favorite singers. Jeffree Star.
I want her hair. I'm thinking of growing out my hair.
I've subscribed to Amber on YouTube just because of her hair. It's AMAZING!! 
Blue hair. And is that a dinosaur necklace??
Coontails. KISS. Amazing.
I love her and her style. One of my favorite Scene Queens, Audrey Kitching.
I love him. He's too cute!!
I want this hair color. It is GORGEOUS!
Her hair is lovely.

And, of course, there is Kaylah of The Dainty Squid. I LOVE her blog, her hair, her outfits, her taste in decoration. And her rainbow cupcakes.