Tuesday, December 6, 2011

30 Days Hath November

I heard about this on another blog I read (LoveElycia.. Which I heard about on ANOTHER blog I read, The Dainty Squid). Originally, it was one post a day every day of November. However, I'm altering it to suit my purpose. Since I don't want to keep up with it, I'll choose some (maybe all) of the prompts and do them. So here goes! (I say 'so' a lot, don't I? Sorry..) Oh!! Here's where I found it: So Fawned

Some Place I'd Like to Visit: NEW YORK!! I love that place SO MUCH!!


A Skill I'd Like to Learn: Crochet!! It's just so stinkin' cute! And I could make so many Bug-friendly things!!


Something I'm Looking Forward To: Christmas!

Something That Means A Lot to Me: Bug =) or Ben<3 Or bellydance xD (I love things that start with the letter B)

Something I Could Never Tire Of: Disney Movies. Or this video.

Someone Who Inspires Me: Audrey Hepburn. Hands down.


A Favorite Movie: Hmm.. Hermm.. "Funny Girl" I have SO MANY favorite movies, I couldn't possibly pick just one!

Something I've Been Craving: Rainbow Hair


A Song For the Day: "Greatest Star" by Barbara Streisand

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