Friday, August 12, 2011

The Very First

Welcome! So this is The Masochistic Beaver on Adderall. The name is from a "band" my friends and I started. Our very first album was to be called "NWA" (for Nerds With Aptitude). Here are ten facts about me:

1) I like to sit and gather little rocks, dirt, and other rubble on asphalt into piles. No clue why. I guess the love developed in the middle of a gym class when I had nothing better to do.
2) Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Helena Bonham Carter are my favorite actresses.
3) I love the window gel clings that Target puts in the dollar section around the holidays. Especially the ones with glitter suspended in them.
4) Every single morning, I wake up feeling like P. Diddy
5) Some of my favorite artists are Lady Gaga, Emilie Autumn, Rasputina, Joan Jett, and Taylor Swift. Odd assortment but they all rock.
6) I'm a belly dancer. I first started a year ago and I absolutely LOVE it!
7) My closet is full of tutus, a corset, my bear hat, knee socks, and faerie wings. I have an incurable addiction to glitter and black eyeliner. I think I was supposed to be either a Victorian debutante or a 70's glam rocker.
8) Autumn is my favorite season. Maybe because I love the weather (I don't do well with heat) but I adore Halloween. Winter is my second favorite. How can you not love Christmas?? All that glitter and good smells.
9) Math is my favorite subject. (One day I'll tell you about the number 2 and why I love it.) And English is my second favorite.
10) Filling in bubbles for surveys and PASS testing in stuff is my favorite part. It looks so neat when it's finished.

Well, there you go. I'm not sure what to talk about so let me know what you want to hear about and I'll do my best to grant those wishes.

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