Monday, December 5, 2011


The other day, my grandmother gave me the WONDERFUL idea to post about my family and little things about everybody. So I thought that I would start with my mother. I kind of suck at writing in paragraphs (especially when I have a headache) so I'm just going to write in.. BULLETS!! *pew pew* So here you go! This is for you, Mama!!
  1. People tell me that I look EXACTLY like my mother. They also confuse her as my sister a lot of the time. Which is quite funny. (She's 21 years older than I am-- teehee-- but she looks REALLY young for her age. Nobody believes that I'm her kid.)
  2. She's, like, my best friend ever. I tell her everything. And, even though we fight, I still love her!! 
  3. My belly bar makes her nervous. When we were going to get my piercing, I was the one that had to stay calm so she wouldn't freak out and want to leave. She also can't touch it (so weird to feel a metal bar running underneath my skin).
  4. Her favorite color is purple. (Hence the text color for this blog. I know, I know. You prefer darker, jewel-tone, royal purples. But, if I typed it that dark, you couldn't read it.)
  5. She loves big dogs, dark chocolate, and Scrooge with Alastair Simm. Her hair is naturally curly and she has uberly pretty brown eyes.
  6. She is my belly dance buddy. And I think it's so funny to go to class with her. Like me, she is mischievous and sassy and it's so funny to see the mischief that she, Krystin, and Dicki get up to. (cherry, cherry, orange meow, ladies!! oooh and BUSH!)
  7. I have never called her "mommy". It has always been "Mama"
  8. When she was little, she gave her mother a thousand and one heart attacks. I was her calm-baby. Look where that got her!! Rainbow hair and piercings!!
  9. I love her bunches and bunches!!
Three generations!!

My mama and Senor (I think she looks so pretty in this one. Oh wait!! She is pretty!)

My mama, Senor, and me =)

She's so affectionate!!

Look! We're all fancy!

Before she got her costume.

We went horseback riding!

I love this picture. Even if Kyle looks weird.


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