Monday, May 14, 2012


I'm at The Y (which much be said with a very intense emphasis because that makes it so much cooler.) It's funny that I'm here because I don't really exercise. I mean, I dance once or twice a week, but I have no interest in hardcore exercise. Actually, I'd like to. Kind of. I just have a fear that people will see me, laugh, and make fun of me. I don't mind if people make fun of me, just as long as I know them and can tease back. But, alas, no. I can't. Anywho, I'm afraid of people making fun of me and ridiculing me and being separated from my mama.
Anyway, whenever I'm shoved into awkward social situations, I like to facebook my awkwardness away. But, last time I did that, everybody yelled at me for posting too much. So I'm just going to blog about my crazy-awkwardness. Maybe it will help the pain. Maybe you guys can just laugh along with me.
Oh that's creative, boys. Meat jokes. As if nobody's ever heard one in their entire existence.
There's a guy with a pink gradient shirt just wandering around. I want to know why he's here.
That baby sounds like an orca whale. Or whatever whale that makes the "eh. yeh. yeh." noises. Maybe that's a dolphin. Or a seal. I'm thinking dolphin. It's cute, though.
You're twelve. Stop trying to act like a 16-year-old Valley Girl. Stand up straight, pull your shirt down, and smile.
You pigs! A girl's body is not something to be ogled and showed off to your friends. How dare you ask a girl for nude pictures and how dare you show those pictures to your friend? I can not believe you. Pigs. Also, nobody's going to be impressed by that or you smoking. It isn't attractive at all.
You're at the Y. To work out. Why are you using the elevator???
He laughs like a walrus.
It's really funny when people wear those super tight workout shirts. You can totally see their nipples. I think that's why only guys wear them.
Those kids are talking about their eighth grade dance. They're twice my size!
That girl eats like a hamster. It's really cute.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to go finish my book, maybe start a second. I'm sure I'll be back, though.