Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Peer editing

I absolutely detest dissecting others writing. Especially published pieces. Writing is a very intimate thing. Not so much for readers as for the author. I feel that ripping every sentence apart is a disgrace. Why did they write that? Who is the audience? What reason was this written? Whom is this written to? Why? BECAUSE THEY WELL FELT LIKE IT. It sometimes gives authors peace of mind and takes something off their shoulders to put things down in writing. I know it does for me. I doubt the author had all these reasons for writing. Maybe they felt like it. Entertainment, education, whatever. That's their writing. Can't we just leave it alone? I don't mind reading and discussing the writing. But I don't think Piggy's weight has any symbolism. I don't think the color of Ron's hair mattered all that much. I swear, English teachers sometimes put more thought into books than the actual author did! Like, here's a conversation that I wouldn't put past an English teacher:
Teacher- Why does the main character wear knee socks?
Student- She thinks they're comfy.. And they cover up the fact that she didn't shave her legs.
Teacher- Maybe. But do you think that they could stand for... Communism???
Student- Uhm.. I guess maybe.

Like, I highly doubt that, when the author was writing, they seriously stopped to think about knee socks and Communism. And, in that case, I'm a major Communist. Except, I couldn't care less about the government. Oh well.

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