Saturday, March 31, 2012

So, there's a cat in a box.

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, right? Well, it's actually the beginning of a pretty schnazzy experiment, by a pretty schnazzy man. Many of you have probably heard of it, and I love those of you who knew what I was going to talk about simply by the title. Now, a quick bio.
This experiment is called-- maybe nicknamed, it might have some uberly fancy math name. However, the common name is-- Schrodinger's Cat. Schrodinger-- full name: Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger-- was a nineteenth century physicist and theoretical biologist. Schrodinger was Austrian, and one of the fathers of quantum mechanics.In 1933, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the Schrodinger Equation. In 1935, he proposed the Schrodinger's Cat Thought Experiment, which is what I'm going to inform you of tonight. (Or today, depends on when you're reading it. It's currently 11:08, which is night here in the swamp. {that was a reference to one of my favorite YouTubers})
Now! On to the experiment! Schrodinger didn't actually put a cat in a box, for you "intellectuals." I think it's pretty cool. Since I'm a total stranger to quantum physics-- Yes, even I do not know everything-- I don't understand it 100%. Well, scratch that. I understand the principle, not to it's entirety, but the basics. However, I don't know how it relates to huge mathematic principles. 
It goes like this: there's a cat, a Geiger counter, radioactive material, a hammer, and a flask of poison in a box. If the Geiger counter detects radiation, it will release the hammer. The hammer will smash the poison, and the poison will kill the cat. Now, this is entirely random. Nothing is timed. So, before opening the box, the cat is both alive and dead. This is because neither can be proved. So, upon opening the box, the cat can be either dead upon opening or dead before opening. Which I just think is super cool. Which is why I shared this with you. Hope you liked it!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Creepy Guys and Mexican Food

Thursday nights are belly dance classes and practices. After class, Krysten, Sheila, Mama, and I all decided to go out for drinks at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Nothing odd.
There, Sheila ran into one of her friends karaoke-ing. (Is that even a verb? It is now.) Anyway! There was this teenage boy and this thirty-something-year-old guy, along with a posse of their giggling, thinking-with-the-wrong-head, never-had-a-girlfriend guy friends. I know, this is harsh. Especially considering how I'm always talking about love, and respect. However, I really don't care after what these pigs said to us. Cue (que? queue? No. That's a British line. I have no clue!) conversation:
(four megafoxy ladies sitting around a table, laughing at Sheila's karaoke-buddy-- not being mean! He was just entertaining! Three of the women have some form of alcoholic beverage, I have a Dr. Pepper. One of the women has multiple exposed tattoos, I have an eyeliner butterfly.)
(Cue creepy guys. Now, there was a little brick doorway thing separating the karaoke-sector from the rest of the restaurant. They've been buzzing in and out of this door all night. Never actually saying anything. Just looking at us.)
Mexican Waiter and Creepy Friend: We were just wondering, what nationality are you?
Megafoxy Belly dancers: Uh.. What?
Mexican Waiter and Creepy Friend: What nationality are you?
Megafoxy Belly dancers: We're American..
Mexican Waiter and Creepy Friend: (walk over to me) Well, what nationality are you?
Me: (hides due to her mild agoraphobia. Not really, I just don't like talking to strange people. Especially men. I get really shy around strange men.)
Sheila: We're all American.
Mexican Waiter and Creepy Friend: Oh.. Okay. Well, is your tattoo real?
Me: What? Uh.. No.
Mexican Waiter and Creepy Friend: Is it real?
Me: No.
Mama: It's makeup. It's just eyeliner. It'll wash off.
Mexican Waiter: Oh okay. (walks halfway back to his doorway)
Creepy Friend: Darn.. 'cause we were totally going to have sex with you until now.
Me: (nearly pee myself)
Creepy Friend: Just kidding. You're probably twelve.
Me: (awkward giggle.) Haha all right...

Now, first of all, this guy was SIGNIFICANTLY older than me. He wasn't like some teenager that's totally brain-dead. No, he was at least late thirties. And wearing a sweater-vest.
Second, "You're probably, like, twelve." TWO points for this! 1) If I look twelve, why in the world are you hitting on me??? That's incredibly creepy. And shady. 2) I DO NOT LOOK TWELVE! I was actually highly insulted by this comment. I do not look twelve. And, if I were twelve, I'd be the world's most developed twelve-year-old. Okay? I was wearing a tank top, so it's not like I was hidden. (I was wearing Mama's jacket over it. But, it was open! Entirely!) Finally, my very last point, even if I was of-age, I wouldn't sleep with some guy who hit on my tattoo in a Mexican restaurant!
I'm glad I have Ben. Other than that, I'd hate all men not related to me. Especially the ones who don't open doors for anybody.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Rest of My House

A while ago, I posted about my ideal bedroom. Now, I'm going to go back and post about my ideal house! As with my New York series, I'm giving myself a Kardashian-esque budget. I mean, why put a limit to your dream-wallet? There's absolutely no sense in that! So I shall take all things from my Pinterest boards and move them here, to display my tastes! Feel free to tell me, or show me, what you guys like in a home! I'd love to know! (Note: I will try to give my madness some reason here, but living room things may end up near bathroom things, which will be mixed with kitchen things. So abandon all OCD before reading on.)

This is really pretty. It so does not match any of my other pictures, but I'm okay with that. Maybe I'll by a weekend-getaway-mountain-resort with my Kardash-Cash (I tried to write Kardash-Kash to make it seem cute, fun, and new. But the misspelling really annoyed me.)

This is too cute! I would so put it in my kid's room, or their playroom, or something. For some reason, it reminds me of Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid.

Ooh! So pretty! I love all the windows! They are just too gorgeous!

I'd much prefer this in pastel blues, purples, and greens. But this is pretty for a little girl's room.

Oh. My. Gosh. This is a fantastic idea! I need one! No clue where it would go, but I need it!

This house is just too ridiculously pretty. (The house itself, not the colors! Or the window unit.)

Kind of really in love with this bed. And the shape of the room. Plus, I love all the pillows and blankets. I burrow when I sleep, so I need tons of stuff on my bed.

It would be even prettier in pastels. Which is odd how drawn I am to pastels and creams, since I want an easy-to-keep-clean house.

So pretty! Love the French doors.

This was just schnazzy.

Imagine a little silver tray filled with perfumes. Oh! To. Die. For.

I just like how light and airy this looks.


This table is just really pretty and quick organization.

It's a slide. And stairs. It's a stairs-slide. Enough said!

Oooh.. How gorgeous! So much closet space! I just realized that I kind of suck at doing the whole-house thing. This whole post is mostly closets, bedrooms, and a few other rooms hither-and-yon.

Imagine looking out over New York City! It's so chic.

I'd prefer cats in that chair to dogs. I'm a cat person, not too fond of dogs. I mean, I won't kick your dog or wish it ill. I don't hate dogs. I would just much rather have a cat.

Pillows. Windows. Outdoors.

This is a really cool idea of using gates and such to keep kids in-- or out-- of places. Like, just a wrought-iron gate instead of a baby gate. I think it's really cool, and a lot prettier!

I just love windows. Give me a well-lit room, and I'm sold.

This was actually a guest bedroom idea. I just think it's really cute! Very nautical. I could see it for a beach house. You know, if I ever actually visited (or liked) the beach.

For the front porch. Again, very nautical.

Again with the well-lit theme.

Such a pretty nook! I would put this in my daughter's room.

So. Gorgeous. I love big houses, and I really like the greenery.

I want a big, old, magical-looking tree in my backyard that I can make into a "fairy tree" and hang lights from, put little windows and doors on, and just have fun with it!

So chic! I love the chandelier.

Ooh! How cozy! A breakfast nook! Except, I'm not a big breakfast person. But a table's a table, no matter what meal.

I. Want. This. as an entrance to my house. It's very Hobbit-ish.

I thought this was a window seat! It's actually a bathtub. But I prefer the window seat idea. So that's what I'm sticking with.

How pretty is this?? Very!

Ooh! So open and I love the vanity.

It's a reading nook. With a window. And French doors. And mirrors. I think mirrors just look really clean and nice and chic.

Again, I'm a burrow-er.

So, I hope you all liked that little look into my dream home! If you didn't, comment why, tell me what you would change! If you did, comment what you liked!

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Great Big Rant. HOLD THE DOOR!

The rudest thing EVER, in my opinion, is not thanking somebody for holding the door for you. Second rudest, not holding the door for them. At school, next-to-nobody acknowledges the fact that you held the door for them. And it really just gets on my last nerve. Especially since, it's always a huge group. I'll hold the door for anybody, if I see them coming (there are a few who I don't see, and I always feel badly that I didn't hold the door for them), but 99% of the time, it's groups of at least seven people. I'm not your personal attendant, my job isn't to hold the door for you. I do it because it's polite, and I'd want somebody to hold the door for me. Now, I don't expect a huge flowery Shakespearean speech. (note: I would marry anybody who gave me one for holding the door.) However, a nod, smile, or, Dios forbid, a "thank you" would be nice. So, if you're reading this, next time you see anybody, hold the door for them!
Once, I walked down to the library. I, all 5 feet 1.5 inches of myself, was carrying my turtle-like backpack, had a jacket, my purse, my binder, papers, and a pen in my hands. I got to the door the same time as three guys. Three, at least six foot guys, who were carrying NOTHING. NOTHING! They had a good foot, and fifty pounds on me! And were TOTALLY. UNLADEN. Actually, they got there a few seconds before me. Still, we got there. They stood on the other side, and waited for me to open the door for them. Then, they barreled through. I did not get a single acknowledgement for holding the door. Not a thank you, not a smile, nothing. They acted like I owed it to them. Well, guess what? You're going to want a sandwich later. AND I'M NOT MAKING YOU A SANDWICH! So you can STARVE, FOO!
I don't need men to carry my stuff, or help me over puddles, or battle dragons for me. I can open my own doors, but it's just nice to open a door for somebody. Anybody! And everybody! So, if you are reading this, you better open doors for people. Or I will hunt you down and hurt you! Then, you will have to follow me around for a week, and open every. single. door. Every one. Just for being a jerk. And, if you don't read this, I'm subliminally messaging you, telling you to open doors for people! Because it's rude not to.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Four Days of FREEDOM!

Due to the Cosmos aligning correctly and the gods smiling upon us, I have a four day weekend this week! (Actually, it was just unused snow days.. Because I live in a subtropical environment and snow, while still occasional, never actually falls when desired.) But my weekend has been PACKED!!
Friday, I went to Cheddar's with Ben and his family. It was quite funny. Ben went through my purse and smelled everything, then yelled at me when I had a blank permission form.
This is my bag. It's huge and filled with stuff.
Then, he and I made his mom's whole car smell like Japanese Cherry Blossoms, along with his entire bedroom, and most of his house. (Bath and Body Works does not skimp when it comes to fragrance. I love it!) Then we went back to his house and I hid under his bed. Confused the crap out of his brother, since I found a spoon under Ben's bed right as Max walked in. So all Max saw was this arm holding a spoon coming out from under his brother's bed.
Saturday, Krysten, Mama, and I all went to The Bellydance Store. It was fabulous.
Krysten, Mama, Dicki, and me. Dicki couldn't come Saturday, though =(
Krysten didn't get anything *wink wink* *nudge nudge*, but Mama and I got some stuff. Mama got a whole new costume, it's so pretty! And I got a new top.
After The Bellydance Store, we picked up cheesecake at a castle-sized Cheesecake Factory. It was HUGE! On our drive home, I scared the crap out of Krysten. We were just entering the highway as I suddenly screamed, "OH MY GOSH!!! THAT'S A COOL CAR!!" She nearly peed herself, Mama just drove like nothing strange happened. Once Krysten stopped hyperventilating, my mom just calmly looked at her and said, "Oh, yeah. My daughter sometimes has sudden outbursts like that."
Saturday night, we all peed ourselves with laughter. Krysten had a party. Sheila read from "The Bloggess" and so we all decided that we needed five foot metal chickens. There was "quite" a lot of humor. (Any of the bellydancers will get it, the rest of you are in the dark. Mwah ha ha!)
Finally, there is today, for tomorrow hasn't happened yet. Today, I went to the mall. Ohh what a lovely place! I went to some of my favorite stores. Victoria's Secret, where I got a free lip gloss. Quite scnazzy. The Body Shop, where I got a Pink Grapefruit body butter and a Lemon body butter. And Club Tabby, where my mom and I got GLITTER!! We didn't have enough time to go to Bath and Body Works, but that's okay.
Tomorrow is a mystery. I don't think I'm going to do anything, which is quite nice. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Dream Home

First a side note. Completely off-topic but I feel that I need to say it. I got my very first comment yesterday from somebody I don't even know! My Tumblr quotes post has been generating a lot of traffic. Like, over a thousand views. And this makes me super excited! I love when people comment, subscribe, notice, repost, post, reblog, just get my blog out there. So, if you could comment on this post, *like* or comment on the facebook post I link to it, or retweet the tweet I'll send out, it would mean SO MUCH! I know this is fishing, so I'll stop. But thanks to those of you who read this, it means a lot!

NOW, onto my actual post.

I don't know if you guys really care, but I love to make more personal blog posts. I feel like it adds a whole new, fun, personal layer to my blog. Plus, it's really fun to talk about. So, if you haven't guessed from the title, this shall be a blog all about...*drumroll* my dream home! Obviously, I still live with my parents, it'd be very weird if I didn't. However, being a teenage girl, I'm already kind of (read: really) planning what I want my house to be like. I doubt it will end up like this, tastes change, a fledgling's pocket is small, stuff happens. And I'm completely fine.
However, I thought that this would be a really fun post and really a look into my tastes. Plus, when I finally do move out, it's going to be fun to look back at this post. I'm going to go room-by-room into my dream home. I think that that would be the most practical and cleanest way to go about things. Let's get started!

Note: I do want kids. However, I'm planning this as an adult home, because it's just a lot of work to plan a kids home.

I plan on sharing my house, my bedroom, with someone. Because the thought of living alone makes me nervous. I have a fear of the dark, so I don't really want to live alone. Plus I get lonely easily.
I really like Elle's room. I think it's super fun and girly, but still remains classy. I'd like more of an androgynous feel to my room, that way my husband doesn't feel overwhelmed and out-of-place in my home. I'd really like a vintage, romantic, feminine, easy-to-keep-clean room. But, life isn't perfect. It's very messy. (Do you ever feel like you just attract messes? Like, you can sit in one place for years, not doing anything, and, somehow, a mess will just pop up? Yeah.. That's kind of my life.)

Go to 9:30 and I. LOVE. her fireplace. It is too gorgeous! And her perfume collection is simply amazing. I love the look of all the bottles. I think just the LOOK of perfume is classy, never mind the actual smell. Seriously,  you could hand me stank-water and I would love it, as long as it was in a classy bottle. This is probably why I don't have any perfume. (That and I didn't really like it until this year. Very recently this year, too. Elle actually has a perfume collection video, and I love it. I've become a really big girly girl these past few weeks. I blame the smell of Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. If you don't know the smells/overall appeal of those stores, you really need to visit them. They are a magical wonderland!)
I really like both of these beds. I like the shape of the top one, and the curtain. But I LOVE the colors of the bottom one. So I would smash them together into one big dream bed. I can't really find pictures that I like, so I'm just going to describe my dream bedroom a little, and move on. I want it really light, huge window. I love natural light, any house I would buy would need to have LOTS of windows.
My ideal dresser would probably be white, with a huge mirror (I like the look of mirrors. They make everything seem so clean and brighter), covered in Bath and Body Works goodies, Lush things, probably some Lime Crime, Victoria's Secret (everyone thinks of panties and loveliness, which they are, but, according to the YouTube community, they have some pretty stellar lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.) and, of course, perfumes, and Tiffany's. Of course, in my opinion, every woman should have at least one thing from Tiffany's. I would love to grow up, and, as a "you're an independent woman with your own financial means" "present", go buy something from Tiffany's. Like a classic thing.
My room and bathroom would be covered in candles. Candles just look so classy and clean. Plus, they smell so good, and add a really personal touch to everything. Plus, they're excellent "mood lighting" and I don't mean "sexy time" mood lighting. I mean just soft, sweet, romantic. Not "ooh let's take off our trousers" mood lighting.
I dunno. I'm just getting into a really girly, "grown up", wanting to smell good time/phase. It's fun. I'm going to post about the rest of my house later, if you guys even care about this. If not, this is the end. Toodles!
(Sorry this is so long. I took two days to write it, and find what I wanted in it, and it's still not everything!)