Sunday, October 30, 2011


I miss Christmas. Luckily, however, I only have to wait two more weeks before it comes back into my life. This will be the longest two weeks of my life. 
I don't really care about the present aspect of Christmas. I just REALLY like the lights and carols and glitter (so. much. glitter.) and nice feeling that permeates everything that encompasses Christmas. In my opinion, fall and winter smell the best out of all the seasons. (Think: summer smells like the beach-- dead fish--, sunscreen-- tons of chemicals--, and heat. Fall and winter smell like clean air-- for some reason, the cold just makes everything a lot clearer--, awesomepossum spices and herbs, and different baked goods and soul foods.) They also just look the best.
I just love the classy and whimsical look that Christmas has. I mean, a gorgeous dark green tree COVERED in glittery balls, different clay figurines, and thousands of kilowatt-Hours worth of colored and white lights. How can it get better than that??? It can't. No way, no how.
And I LOVE Christmas movies. They're amazing. So cute. Miracle on 34th Street, The Santa Clause, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.
 From Biltmore. That place is SO pretty around Christmas time
This was me crafting a wreath at my Christmas table... In the middle of July. The antlers on my head? Yeah. I made those last November.

My demented Christmas fairy look. It will be brought out again today. Like my antlers? I made EVERY SINGLE BIT of them. I've since added WAY more bracelets. Like, 5x more.
Can't wait to see this jolly old fellow this year. This will be Bug's first Christmas!! My grandparents normally take my brother and I out to look at Christmas lights. It's so much fun. I can't wait to get a picture of Bug on Santa's lap.

My front yard last year. My uncle came to visit and brought snow with him. I told him that he could've left the snow up north. But no. Oh well. It was pretty.

A close-up of our pretty big tree. I love how very mish-mosh it is. And so many lights.

A picture of some yard that my mama went to visit last year. These people really went all-out. It's gorgeous!

I'll be sure to post more about Christmas later. Such as the stories of my cats and the various decorations. (Zoe LOVES to play in our tree. Like, climb it, sit inside, and just watch you. It's so cute.)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Missing It

I miss this sight =( It'll take all my willpower to wait TWO MORE WEEKS to see this.. Can I make it? I don't know. We'll see!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mi Novio

I just realized that I've blogged about pretty much all of my other friends except Ben! Well, he's been mentioned in plenty of other posts but he's never gotten one all to himself. Well, he shall today! 
The first time I actually talked to him (aside from the second day of school when I freaked out and started chattering about two..) was on facebook. He friended me but I had NO clue who he was. But then a mutual friend said that he really wanted to be my friend and that he was in our Chorus class so I gave in. This is how the beginning of our first conversation went: (he's in green, I'm in pink)
I see how it is.
How what is?

  • You need someone to tell you who i am when you should know who i am by remembering how sexy i was yourself :P
  • should i have a "hug me" button on my lanyard or a "freehugs" one?
    I'm sorry. I'm terrible with names. I really should. You're the sexiest person I know xD
    Free Hugs. Fo'sho.
    • xDD okay
    • And since you put it that way... its okayy
      Awesome. Good. I'm relieved.
      did sidney tell you you how i was staring at a news feed of yours waiting for you to accept my friend request o_o
      No. That's a little creepy.. O.o
      • well
      • i sent you a request
      • and i got a news feed of you
      • and i was wondering why you didnt accept my request
      • so i was just sitting there wait
        it going up minute by minute xD
        So, the first time he ever talked to me, he creeped me out. But something must have been right because he asked me out a week later. (I later learned that he intended on talking to me from day one because I had cool hair and awesome lipstick.. I thought it was cute.) 

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Gay Rights

    Coincidentally, today is LGBT Pride Day. I just got into an argument on facebook about.. *drumroll* GAYS! Now, I am all for lesbians/gays/bisexuals/transgenders. My take on things? As long as it's legal and moral (no trying to sleep with a goat. I am against bestiality. Sorry.) and makes you AND the other person happy, go for it. So.. I thought that I would share MY comments (I will leave the others out of this. This is MY blog and I'm ready to defend myself. I don't need to open them up to criticism and fights.) on here. (Ben<3 described them as a "braingasm" and I spent WAY too long on them for them to get lost in the garbage pail that is facebook.)
    Setting it up, a bi girl commented about how she HATED when people are disgusted by her bisexuality and that she was proud of who she was and didn't plan on changing. Some radical Christian came in and basically told her that all gays would burn in hell. This is what ensued:
         That's a load of crap. If God was so against gays, why hasn't he ever said anything? Or struck down the gays? Or whatever else y'all have decided that he should do? No. Not everyone can be homosexual. The species won't continue that way. The Bible is not a do-all. It's an owner's manual.
    So.. You basically just said "God loves everyone. Except gays. They go to hell. Don't pass judgement." But you are condemning gays to hell for sinning when all they did was love the "wrong" person? That doesn't seem particularly fair, and rather judgmental and disrespectful. There is no way out of being gay. If I walk up to a gay, and say "God hates you because you don't love the right person," they aren't going to go "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know that God felt that way. I won't be gay any more."
    "Gays don't deserve to be burnt for being gay." But you can condemn them to an eternity of burning torture? Okay. We'll pretend that that's okay.
    "Being gay is just as bad as lying"??? Really? So, loving someone else is just as bad as lying? Okay. So, if someone goes out and steals a car, hurting someone in the process, but says "I didn't do it", that's as bad as simply LOVING ANOTHER PERSON?? Okay. That TOTALLY works! Killing is a sin. But so is love. So, you have to love ONE KIND OF PERSON or you're going to hell.
    Why did God decide to make so many different kinds of people if it was only acceptable to love a certain person? We're all God's creatures, right? So why should we be the ones to judge someone else for loving another person? Why should we care? Oh, right. Because some wack-job decided to interpret a book-- that was spoken by God but recreated to suit man's purpose-- a certain way and say that she's evil because she loves other women. That means that she should go to hell. Because she manages to look past the exterior, past sex organs, past chromosomes, find who she really is, and live her life the way SHE decides it.
    All right, that seems fair.
    Also, if your book is the ONLY one that is right, why are there SO MANY OTHER books out there that say they are the only one that is right? Did you ever think about that? How about how YOU would feel is some insignificant mortal condemned you-- which only YOUR maker should be allowed to do-- because YOU didn't love who they felt was the "right" kind of person?

    Rant over. Go about your day. Just don't be gays. 'cause you'll go to hell for that nowadays. Who knew!

    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    Odd Little Me

    My family, Ben, and I are going out of town on Saturday. (We're going to the Renaissance fair. I am ridiculously excited!!) I have the weirdest thought process when in other states.
    I always think that the other people on the highway must be tourists also and that nobody ACTUALLY lives in that state. Nobody on the highways, anyway. I also believe that no houses, grocery stores, or any other establishment designed for every-day life are located off the highway. Never mind that everywhere I go in my daily life is off the highway and that I'm used to taking exits.
    So, basically, I believe that there is a different highway used for tourists and for ACTUAL people that live in that state.
    I realized this odd thought process this summer when we went up to Pigeon Forge on vacation and felt that it would amuse y'all.

    Saturday, October 15, 2011

    Fall for Greenville

    Ben<3 and I went to Fall for Greenville today. It was crazy fun. And I totally love going downtown "all dressed up." Today I wore an everyday outfit of a Hell Bunny dress, knee-high Converse, and two petticoats. Some little old lady walked up to me and went "You look so darling today. Can we take a picture of you?"
    Cue awkward pause. "Umh.. Sure?"
    So, there Ben<3 and I were, sitting on steps, and some little old man was taking a picture of me. It was insanely awkward. (Ben<3 "wasn't as cute as I was" and didn't get his picture taken, though. But I thought he was incredibly cute. =)<3 )
    Then I had to explain to Ben<3 what a Fraggle was. (We were in the Mast General Store and I saw a Fraggle doll and got all excited.) I told him that he had to come watch the show some time.
    Then I got distracted by the CHRISTMAS SECTION!!! And that ended the Fraggle conversation. (I've decided that he isn't allowed to go out-of-town the weekend before Thanksgiving because I'm decorating my room that weekend and he must be there to watch old Christmas movies and help me decorate my tree because I'm teensy like that. xD )
    All-in-all, today was incredibly fun. I rather like downtown. I rather like Ben<3. I rather like autumn. I REALLY rather like Christmas (I REALLY rather like Ben<3 too..).

    Thursday, October 13, 2011

    Picnik Photodump

    Picnik is, as far as I'm concerned, Photoshop for dummies. And I love it. I can't leave a picture alone.

    Saturday, October 8, 2011

    Oh good! My dog found the chainsaw!

    I love this movie. "Lilo and Stitch" is so crazy-adorable. (I even have "He Mele No Lilo" on my iPod because it just makes me so gosh-darned happy!!) Lilo is such an odd little girl and I kind of love her all the more for it! Everyone thinks she's weird but I just think she's amazing. (She makes voodoo dolls to punish her friends, has a doll that had bugs laid in her brain, and listens to Elvis. How could she get any more awesome??) Stitch is so cute! With four arms, spikes on his back, and antennae, I want a "dog" like him. (Even if Nani thinks he's a demon koala...)
    "Lilo: It's nice to live on an island with no large cities.
    [Stitch throws a convulsive fit]
    Lilo: Are you okay?"

    "Nani: [talking on the phone] I think it might be a koala... an *evil* koala. I can't even pet it! It keeps *staring* at me, like it's gonna eat me!"

    I love this part SO MUCH!
    "Rescue Lady: Oh yes, mm-hmm, all of our dogs are adoptable
    [Lilo walks in with Stitch]
    Rescue Lady: Except that one!
    Nani: What is that thing?
    Rescue Lady: A dog, I think... But it was dead this morning!
    Nani: It was dead this morning?
    Rescue Lady: Well we thought it was dead; it was hit by a truck!"

    "Pleakley: Help! I don't like the ocean! Ahh! Oh, look, a friendly little dolphin. They helped sailors during the war... It's a shark! It's a shark and it ain't friendly! Looks like a dolphin... Tricky fish! Tricky fish! Octopus, will you please help me? An octo... the octopus is worse than the shark! I hate this planet!"

    "Nani: We need something that can defend itself. Something that won't die. Something... sturdy... you know?
    Lilo: Like a lobster!
    Nani: Lilo, Lilolo! Do we have a lobster door? No! We have a dog door! We are getting a dog!"


    Thursday, October 6, 2011

    Sexy Beast PART ONE

    So today is my best friend/fellow Sexy Beast/nose's birthday. She's turning fifteen and cutting class to go get her permit!! (She's such a rebel.) So I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday! And tell her that her card-- which I forgot on the back of my couch-- is FREAKING AMAZING!
    And, no. Her birthday is not being overshadowed by pajama day. (Even though pajama day is pretty freaking awesome..)
    Uncle Ricky, the eyebrow, is wishing her a happy birthday, too. As is our child, Madame Lilly. And so is Oliver (her car). She was brought into this world by a Baby-Vac 2000 and shall be taken out when she dies before me. (Unless she pushes me down the stairs, which she always threatens to do whenever I point out that she'll die first.)
    I thank her for finding the Baby Wipes and saving me from being molested by blankets. jajajajajajaja (<--- that was Spanish laughter.) I would totally stand in front of a tree for her. (She says she would do the same but.. She's going to hit me in the butt with a bus so... Yeah.)
    (Oh and Evan TOTALLY is a booger that makes people eat their boogers. Teehee ILOVEYOUEVAN!!!! xD)
    She is my Spanish AND French speaking buddy. (Crayon baguette is "pencil wand") and her razor is Lord Voldemort (not sure how we came to that conclusion..)
    We smuggle Mexicans together and hide them on her couch, underneath Snuggies, and under her computer desk. She is the Timon to my Pumbaa (our relationship is INCREDIBLY similar to theirs..)
    I love her, even if she thinks that gloves are hamster clothes.. "It's Claires! Not We-Sell-Gloves-Mart!!!"
    I'm not sure how these relate but I'm creepering her Twitter and these are two of her tweets that I favorited..
    "Where would we go? IDK Ukrainia!?"
    "What's a hobag? a bag of hoes?"

    I've never heard of the "Famous Chair" either.. But we did survive a year with the teacher who thought cardboard would stop geniuses from cheating and that Popsicle sticks decided our fates.. The only reason I'm able to type this now is because of the electricity that is powered by wi-fi and that fact that I can't afford pajamas. xD 
    I am an ostrich sleeper but Gabby thinks that Sarah Palin is a figment of her imagination. *cues Spongebob "Imagination" rainbow*
    For those of you who don't know, Gabby is a black Jewish Mexican woman. (That was she IS the minority.) She is also a curry taco. (Because she is Indian. How.) I get to be the lumpy pasta taco..
    She is not allowed near my children when she is wearing her boots. (They're baby-killing boots, you know.) But she worships Morgan Freeman--- he's God. Duh.
    "not to be a creeper, but your boyfriend lives on the third house to the left once you pass the golf course" "....creeper!"
    If you were a pigeon, you would be flying away right now.
    Waterproof mascara is like having a small child holding onto your leg...they won't let go.You think it's all gone and you look again and AH.

    She has boys on ALL the continents and surfer boys in Tennessee (that's because she's a flirtbucket.) She is legit-- too legit, too legit to quit-- and sexy. 

    Hair driers are wonderful for blowing your hair around like in those shampoo commercials =)
    :) Sex Ed is the only class where you can make 'that's what she said' jokes and still be on topic for class.
    *that would be inconcievable*
    THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY!!!!!!!!! when his head comes around the corner, hit it with the rock! My way isn't very sportsmanlike...
    And I will go up to the six fingered man and say 'hello. My name is Inigo Montoya, you kills my father. Prepare to die.'
    Hmmm...soap is not my friend

    So... If you haven't realized.. I just copied and pasted tweets. There was no better way to sum her up. And they made me giggle.
    So, Gabby, I LOVE YOU!! Happy birthday, stinky-cheese-head. We need to go coneing.

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    Happy Birthday, Sexy Beast

    Bryan had a very good idea so, if I should die between now and midnight, I'm gonna wish you a PRELIMINARY happy birthday! I got your presents and your card is FREAKING AMAZING. So.. Happy birthday! I love youuu! And, you do realize, that you have now spent OVER HALF YOUR LIFE with somebody as sexy and amazing as ME??? Because it's true.. Just saying.
    And I feel like we've been drifting apart but I'm ALWAYS here for you, girl. FOREVER! And, even though I believe that your mama and I should pick your boyfriends, I will support you through MOST of your decisions. (There are some stupid ones that I will smack you and say "what the fluff were you thinking??")
    I wish I could make a card as amazing as the one you made me last year but I don't have the patience (you know how neurotic I am about straight lines..) or the time. SO, in 2 hours and 8 minutes, I will write you a crazy-long blog post. You can have that FOREVER!!!!! xD
    So.. I LOVE YOU!! Happy birthday. Live it up (but not too much) and have fun!!


    It is Spirit Week at Woodmont this week. Fun, right? And our schedules are ALL MIXED UP!!! =O *gasp* and I had third block (the ONLY class I have with Ben<3) first today. It was confusing. But none of this matters so you can skip to THIS PART!
    So.. I have Chorus third block. In Chorus, I am an alto so I sit on the far left of the risers on the very bottom shelf. I sat down today and noticed that my chair was a little too far left, almost at the edge. "Oh well," I thought. "It doesn't matter. I'll just scoot it a few inches in."
    *Fast forward five minutes* Everyone is seated. The teacher is talking and we're all quiet. An alto behinds me needs to get down but can not. I scoot left a few inches to let her through.
    I fall off the risers.
    My chair is on top of me.
    Everyone has stopped and begun staring at me.
    Mrs. Owens rushes over and begins asking "Are you okay??" and I'm just on the floor. Giggling my butt off. Blushing SO HARD!
    My chair is still on top of me.
    With as much dignity as I can muster, I stand my chair up and sit back down. Everyone is asking if I'm okay. I'm fine. They don't believe me.
    *Fast forward three hours*
    I retell this story in my fourth period Teacher Aide. A sophomore turns and says "Oh. That was you?" He isn't in my Chorus. I ask who told him and his response? "Everyone. It's all over the school."
    *cue blushing*

    What you have just read is 100% true. (I seem to have a thing with furniture falling on top of me.. I can think of two other circumstances like this one..) This is what happens in my life. As if enough odds aren't already against me, I have to now be known as "that girl who fell off the risers with her chair when she was sitting perfectly still." 5'1.5", a freshman in sophomore/junior classes, colored hair, petticoats, 4,000 bracelets, and enough skill to fall off the risers when sitting still. That is me. I'm just so amazing.
    Ben<3's just so lucky to have found such a complete package. Haha xD