Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The End and a Birthday Post

Today is a rather eventful day. It is Ben's birthday AND the end of NaBLOWriMo!! So..

Happy birthday, Ben. I love you so much and these past three months with you have been amazing!! You're totally reading me typing this (tell your dad I said hi and get the quarter off my back!! It's cold!) but I don't care. I want everybody to know that I love you and I hope you have a happy birthday!! You're my best friend and my favorite boyfriend and should totally kiss me right now. (Thank you for moving the quarter off my back. No thank you for you putting it down the back of my shirt. You have a super cute laugh.) Anywho, I love you, you little mischief maker. And I hope you like tacos and the taste of my fists of fury!!! Because you're gonna be tasting both in a minute if you don't move that quarter. That tickled!!
ANYWAYS, stop distracting me. Because I'm trying to confess my love for you. And no they're not related to your math teacher. It's a common last name and it's a common skin color. I don't keep up with politics! Stop. I especially don't--- Dx you just licked me!! That was unnecessary.-- especially don't care about the president's home states. You never kissed me. Just sayin'.. Thank you.
I'm gonna stop there so that we might go frolick. (That "h" was not needed. Neither was the "yt" or the ",j" STOP THAT!! Ifgttrfygyubgufyugy I forgot you had two hands.. Dang. Ewwwww!! That wasn't needed. That's cold!! Wipe it off!)

Toodles y'all!! I'm gonna go tackle my boyfriend!

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