Tuesday, November 15, 2011

She's Speaking Mexican Again

I went to Ben's house last night. He was getting on my nerves so I started to yell at him.. in Spanish. He doesn't speak Spanish. He looked at his brother and went "MAX!! SHE'S SPEAKING MEXICAN AGAIN!"
 Needless to say, I burst into giggles.

With that said, none of this has much relevance to my post-of-the-day. I shall actually be talking about.. Christmas lights. We decorated the outside of my house last weekend (it looks like a Mexican restaurant now..) and I felt inspired. (I'll post pictures of my house later. My camera's at home.)

I love these dinky little lights. They make me smile whenever I see them. Their soft glow and colors and little orbs of joy just make my year. (My room is actually lit with white Christmas lights and my closet is lit with colored Christmas lights.)

Here's a little history for you. (Taken from here)
  • Small candles have been used to light trees since the mid-1600's but it took 200 years for it to become a popular tradition
  • The spread began in Germany and, contrary to most pop culture expansions, moved into Eastern Europe
  • It started with either gluing the candle to the tree with melted wax or pinning the candle to the tree. That later evolved into candle holders in 1890 and small lanterns/glass balls in the early 1900's
  • In 1882, however, the first tree was lit with electricity. Edward Johnson used eighty teensy light bulbs. (Note: he also created the first string of electric lights.)
  • By 1900, his idea had caught on and department stores began using electricity. 
Now for some pretty pictures/videos.


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