Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Math FTW

As you better know by now, I am a MAJOR nerd. Like, I spend my days drawing math-y things, make paper chains out of Mobius strips, and adore Sierpinski and Fibonacci (might even name my children after that trio!!). So I decided to make a math post today.

Many of you have probably at least heard of a Mobius strip. In essence, it is a one-sided figure. You can make one by taking a rectangle of paper, twisting it once, and taping the ends together. To the right is a super cool story made on a Mobius strip! (By one of my favorite YouTubers, ViHart. Check out her channel. It's fantastically nerdy.)
Mobius strips are common everywhere. Conveyor belts, typewriter ribbons, scarves, everything.

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Sierpinski time!! The Sierpinski triangle is a fractal. (A fractal is basically a shape made out of itself. If you're still confused, just look at the pretty picture.) I don't really know what makes it so schnazzy. I just think it looks cool. Which, quite frankly, is all that matters to me. 
That, too, is from ViHart. Except, this time, it's her website.

FIBONACCI!! Oh, how I love thee. The Fibonacci sequence is magical and found EVERYWHERE!! The spiral of shells, numbers of branches/leaves/petals, in architecture, pinecones, everywhere!! (Its first two numbers are 0 and 1. From there, you add the previous two numbers to get the next term. Example:
0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,etc. It grows very big, very fast.) You can also make a Golden Rectangle out of the numbers by making squares with the same dimensions as the numbers. (A 1x1 square, a 2x2 square, etc.) and, if you connect the corners, it makes the Golden Spiral. Fibonacci is magical.
A beautiful short film centered around the Fibonacci sequence.

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