Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kissy Kissy

Finished my homework! Well, I did all my math in Geometry. Free-wrote half of my English paper (character summary.. erk). Wrote the thesis statement for and then printed my Biology.. thing. Researched Sudanese Christmas traditions a little for App Hug. And all to the sounds of Frank Sinatra. 

Now, I shall blog to the mixed sounds of Black Veil Brides and Falling In Reverse (my Tuesday playlist). So.. I absolutely LOVE kissing pictures. Wait.. No. Not like, I love to kiss pictures. I love pictures of people photographed kissing. They are just too cute. It's, like, pure happiness in a picture! (I especially think pictures of scene couples kissing are to. die. for.) So I thought that I would share some kissing pictures. 

I really need to actually start writing on my blog.. I share too many pictures. So maybe I'll tell random stories of my life in between kissing pictures. Yes, that is what I shall do. PREPARE to be amazed! (The scene from "Meet the Robinsons" just flashed through my head when I said that..)

Okay.. Here goes.

 I think carousels are too cute. And I love the vintage feel that almost yellow wash gives this picture.
 Hand hearts.. Oh so cute. I'm a frequent hand-heart-er. I'm forever making hand hearts with or at Ben<3 I'm just a dork like that. Hahaha!!
 Awwwh.. Too cute! I'm going to steal her bow.
 This picture is adorable! I love her boots. And the sidewalk. That's a rather schnazzy sidewalk. I would play chess on it. Or checkers.. I'm better at checkers.
 When I grow up, I'm going to become a queen. I just need to find a mask and get me to a ball!! I know! I'm going to steal her mask!
Panda kisses!! 'Nuff said.

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