Friday, November 4, 2011

A Story

I updated my profile and, when I asked for a new random question, I was given this:
The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig.
Here is that story.

     Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a very rich, very old frog. One day, he decided, that he wanted to prove how rich he was by buying a very large, very intricate, very expensive wig. This wig ad nothing to do with the fact that he had begun to rapidly bald, thank you very much. So he took his manservant-- for all very rich people have manservants-- and went to the wig shop.
He tried on one wig

 And another

And another.
Until he had tried on every wig in the store. "Jeeves!" he called-- for all rich people are served by a manservant named Jeeves-- "I am not happy with these wigs! They are bad wigs and this is a bad shop! Let's leave at once!"
Sensing that a very good customer was about to leave, the wig-shop owners called "WAIT! We have one wig left! Please at least try it!"
By this time, the very rich frog's head was very itchy and he was tired-- for it was past his naptime. Because all very rich people take naps. "No," he said. "I do not want to try on any more wigs. My head is itchy. I am leaving. Good bye."
"Just one more wig. Please. We promise that you will love it!" the shop owners pleaded.
After a pause and a great deal of head-scratching, the very rich frog agreed. "One last wig." The very happy shop owners did a little jig as they went to get the wig. They came back with a large, fancy box in their hands.
"Your wig, sir." They said, presenting it with a little bow.
Jeeves, the very rich frog's manservant, took the wig out of the box and put in on the very rich frog's head. After a bit of fiddling and twisting, the wig was finally on the frog's head. He looked in to the mirror and nearly fainted. "I love it! I'll take three! I have never felt or looked better!"
The very rich frog was very happy and while he was examining himself in the mirror, Jeeves turned to the shop owners. "That isn't a wig, is it?" he asked.
The shop owners shook their heads. "No sir. It's just a mop in a fancy box."

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