Monday, November 7, 2011


I'm a sucker for cookies. Like, you name it, I will eat it. (Unless it's a molasses-based cookie. Those are just nasty!) So I'm going to list some Christmas cookie recipes that I want to try/love/think look really pretty. 

First up is the classic gingerbread men!! Now, these cookies-- in my opinion-- are NASTY. I hate gingerbread. But they are so ridiculously cute and so iconic of Christmas that I just have to post them!
So fantastically done. I give props to... NatGeo...
Enough with the nasty-cookies. Onto SHORTBREAD!! This stuff is so versatile. You can mix anything into it, cover it in whatever you want, shape it however you like. So magical! The only thing better is sugar cookies!
These are actually from Ghirardelli so it's so not fair.

Thumbprint cookies/jam cookies. (I know they're different but they taste the same.) These are amazing. Sweet, crumbly cookie with a tart raspberry jam center?? Pinch me because I'm in heaven!
A cookie from TLC

I'll post more cookie stuff tomorrow!! Now, however, I must leave for I am about to eat my computer!!! Toodles!

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