Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blah I am a Kracken from the sea

For those of you who haven't seen the movie/watched it until you know it by heart, that quote is from "Juno")

I have no clue what to post about today. I'm about to run my head into this desk. I've started, like, three different posts and they all SUCK. I hate Writer's Block. (Would it be blogger's block? Oh well..) So I'm going to do something Dr. Kat taught us to do in drama. A brain drain! Yay!! 

For those of you who don't know, a brain drain is where you type any and every thought that comes into your head for an alotted period of time (Did I spell that right? Apparently not since it has the squiggle. That sucks. I hate that evil little squiggle.)
I also hate eighth notes and high do's. They are my downfall. Oh but I made an 80 on my sightreading. Alpha Dog and (something something) Maniac ooh ack-ack. That ack amuses the crap out of me.. OMEGA LOVE! That's what it said. Oh I'm so clever. My mom's here but I need eight more minutes. This post is gonna suck. Nobody's gonna read it. But, then again, nobody reads this blog so it's a moot point. Now I just feel really depressed!! Let me know if you read my blog! Show some love. Well, I think I'll have to cut this brain drain off. BEN WENT HOME SICK TODAY!!! That made me sad. I hope he feels better and returns tomorrow. If not, I'm either going to cry or skip school. Oh I can't skip! We're watching "Hotel Rwanda". That stupid movie is sooooo sad!!! It made me cry.. And, the worse part is, it's a true story. My mom's here. She just stuck the tippy top-- NO! I hate that second 'L'-- of her head up here and it was rather cute. Ooh I should make a room in my attic! Like in "Princess Diaries".. But we don't have an attic. Jeez, my life is so lame. I don't have an attic and nobody reads my blog... Dx oh well.. What color do I want this blog? Today was nerd day.. I wore suspenders, pins, and nerd glasses. Tomorrow is Decades Day. Time to break out the hairspray!! I'm bored of typing and my back hurts so I shall cut this four minutes short. Teehee such a rebel! Toodles!!

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