Friday, November 4, 2011

Alternative Junk

Stereotypes. They're everywhere. Race, religion, personal style, personal taste, etc. And everyone is guilty of using a stereotype at one point or another (I shall be the first to fess up to that. I used to think that all blond, thin, athletic girls were airheads. Now I know enough to prove that they are. xD just kidding. I love airheads.) 
Today, children, we shall look at different stereotypes in the alternative community. 
First up: Goths. Now, goths are often the first to come to mind when we think of alternative lifestyles. Now, most goths are often thought to:
  1. Never smile
  2. Always think of/write poems about/draw pictures of death
  3. Never wear any color. Just black.
I'll just give you a picture of a smiling, colorful goth to disprove that. 
Source   Source

Two: Burlesque. My heart breaks a little whenever burlesque is mentioned and all people say is: "ooh that's a really good movie! Christina Aguilera's so talented!" I die a little every time. People don't actually know that burlesque IS an art form, not just a movie. And a very sexy and powerful art form. Not just slutty nakedness. (And, yes. Pole dancing is a form of exercise to some women. Not every woman decides to run around nude.)

Much better. This is Femme Ferale. As you can see, they are funny, charismatic, and not at all slutty. BEWARE: They do take their clothes off, it is burlesque. There is no nudity but they do get down to panties and pasties. Parents and little ones, be warned.

That's all for now, folks. I'm soooooo ADD today. I think my phone went off but I haven't answered it yet soooo.. xD Toodles!! I'll make sure to make a post tomorrow. (Gotta do it early. It gets dark around 7 now and my internet stops working when the street lamp cuts on. o.O it smokes crack.)

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