Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Have yourself a Gothic Little Christmas

Now, this definitely isn't JUST for goths. It's for any alt. person out there. "Gothic", however, just went with the syllables. And "alternative" just had too many syllables to work there. 
From Mookychick's article on having a "Funky Christmas", here are some ideas to get in the mood and get everyone else excited about Christmas. And, of course, there will be pictures and videos of very Christmas-y things. (You can read the entire article and all of their ideas on their website. Just click the link above. I'm only taking a few of my favorites.)

  • "Get some reindeer antlers and wear them everywhere as if you're Bjork or a weird Christmas shaman. Don't, however, actually BE a weird Christmas shaman because then you'll have to drink reindeer pee to match your outfit. Reindeers eat magic mushrooms and their pee has unusual properties - but shamans are used to drinking the strong stuff; you're not."
  • "Make decorations out of salt dough. Don't eat it though; it's VERY salty. Salt dough is messy and squishy and fun and you can make very cute decorations with it. If all else fails salt dough fights are a possibility... and for added fun, once it sets, it sticks like nothing else."
  • "Wake the house up at 5am on Christmas Day, either with a large Christmas bugle or by mewing piteously and scratching at their door."
  • "Decorate the house with excessive amounts of tinsel and fairy lights when everyone's out. They will love you for it."
So there you have it. Some ideas for a perfect alt. Christmas!! Go read the entire article, it's hilarious.

 Her sweater and her glasses are AMAZING!! I want to steal both.

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This is so ridiculously adorable!

 I love the mini-forest and all the pretty maps!

 One of THE BEST Christmas movies ever.

 A Gothic Christmas never hurt anyone.


Such a pretty Bohemian Christmas house.. 
Nothing better than a little VINTAGE Christmas pinup. 

Merry Christmas!!

Now for some Christmas carols!!

"White Christmas" redone by Twisted Sister. What? You thought you were gonna get NORMAL Christmas carols?? Teehee... Silly little pooks.

"I Won't Be Home For Christmas" by Blink-182

"Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" by Fall Out Boy

This just rocks. No lyrics. Just "A Christmas Rock Medley"


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