Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012! It's a new age of jet packs, sky cities, and moving sidewalks. Everyone has their own bubble of air and we have colonized space. Those who live in space have taken to wearing metal jumpsuits, to keep in body heat and keep out UV rays. In fact, the trend was so popular, it has been popularized on earth! Robots are now highly popular, we have befriended them and now work alongside our metal comrades! Thanks to them, our crime rate has greatly decreased, due to a better crime-stopping force.

This is what 2012 looked like 30+ years ago.. 2012 isn't anywhere near as cool. In fact, let me write a more accurate statement:

Hi thar! 2012 now. =3 We have backwards robes, polluted cities, and gum/lewgie-covered sidewalks. Everyone knows 4,000+ swear words and we have a huge hole in our ozone layer! Some of our popular styles are: orange skin, white lips, spider eyes, faces resembling that of various waterfowl, and pants that start under our butts. We don't really do anything cool. Robots are so old! Like, ohmaygawsh! Our crime rate is so high. But that's okay. 'cause the world's ending soon, anyway.

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