Tuesday, January 10, 2012

High School

So.. I don't mind high school. Some days I like it. Some days I don't. But every day there is one thing I hate: the walk from second period to third period. It is pure EVIL. Let me explain why.
First, I must set up the picture. Imagine me: a five foot, one and a half inch tall freshman. I have to walk backwards down the hall, against a bunch of six-foot or so sophomores and juniors. (They may not be much taller than I am but they sure seem that way!) It's fine when everyone is walking on their side of the halls. But then, there are the kids who don't realize "hey, there's someone bobbing around my elbow, trying to get to class."
Example A: The hulk-like football players. These are the ones who will walk up to each other with a greeting of "Aaay" or some other grunt. Then, they stand in a circle asking who is and is not going to be at practice, how difficult the exercises are, etc., etc.. It is usually a group of two or three but, due to size and placement-- directly in the middle of the hall-- they are impossible to navigate around. However, they don't move.

Example B: The girls who think everything is funny. From a knock-knock joke to a simple greeting, these girls find anything their friends say to be absolutely hilarious. The fact that they are standing in the middle of the hall doesn't faze them. When they laugh, they back up and stomp and flail like a fairy having a seizure. This makes things even more difficult, since their next move is unplannable.

Example C: The third-wheel. In the hallways, two people can walk on either side and not clog anything up. Most of the people get it. Then, there is this one moron that doesn't get Social Queues. So, thanks to one person, every one has to walk around them. Three is not a good number, especially when walking in the hall way.

Example D: The teachers-pets. If you want to stand inside the room, fine. But do NOT stand OUTSIDE the room to talk to the teacher. It blocks everyone. Especially a few minutes in. Kids can't get in the room, starting a bigger clot. Kids can't get past the hall, even bigger clot. Thank you. Your two minutes of sucking-up has made everyone late to class.

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