Sunday, January 1, 2012

Inspire 2012

It's a new year full of new things and new styles. So, here are some of my newer inspirations.

 Megan Fox and vintage things. I just love the vintage style and red lipstick, in my opinion, is to die for. I love, love, love this picture. She's not even doing anything and she just oozes sex appeal!

 Unicorns and mint hair. Mmmm.. I really love the color mint. And I've ordered a unicorn shirt from Hot Topic.. But this is an amazing picture.

 Again, unicorns. 50 points to the first person to tell me what movie this is from!! And 70 to tell me who voiced the main character. (If you use Google, it is cheating and I will cry.)

 This actually used to be a super cute GIF but my computer didn't save it correctly. Oh well. It's still super cute.

 So true. I love this movie. (Can anyone name it?) and plan on doing a lot of kissing in the new year.

Ah.. The Mod Queen.. AKA Edie Sedgwick. I love her style. She's so badass. Plus, her eyes were killer. I do not belong in today's sloppy era.. I really need to go back to the fifties, sixties, or seventies.

Some more inspirations that didn't get pictures because I don't want to find them:

  1. Math
  2. Indie culture
  3. Audrey Hepburn (duh)
  4. Converse
  5. Sharpie drawings
  6. Cool rings
  7. Awesome weddings (like ones at Disney)
  8. Tiffany's jewelry
  9. Seventies-style eye makeup
  10. Winged eyeliner
  11. Huge petticoats
  12. Bumped hair, really short hair, or rainbow hair
  13. Pastel colors
  14. Layers, stacked bracelets, mis-matched things (see #2)
  15. vintage models/advertisements. Especially seventy-style, "New Age" technology
  16. Maternity photography
  17. This music video
That's all I can think of for now! Good night and sweet dreams!

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