Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gabbidee Gabbidoo Gabbidah

So this girl is my BEST FRIEND. I love her to pieces. She's been there for me through EVERYTHING!! I've known her the longest (8 years!!) of all my friends. And she's one of the only ones I can see still really being a part of my life in 20, 30, 50 years. Through stupid boys, catty girls, and crazy school, we've had each others backs. And we're starting HIGH SCHOOL this year. I know I'll have her back through ALL of that. We really don't have much in common so it's weird that we're such close friends. Haha we're like yin and yang. She's super sporty and popular. I'm very artsy and kinda socially awkward. But we get along like.. Milk and cookies. Chocolate and strawberries. Macaroni and cheese. The list goes on and on. But I love her to death!! Even if she throws ice at me when I'm in the shower xD
One of our MANY adventures

For the Beta Club fundraiser at Applebee's. I'm not in Beta Club and I think I raised the most.

Spock and Chris weren't our dates to the eighth grade dance. We were each others dates. Haha!!

In my van. Isn't this just SOO gorgeous??

Our school was named for this man. We took pictures with his statue.

She is SUCH a fashionista. The British just TRY to imitate this hat style.


We curled each others hair. I look like a Who. She looked like Princess Leia.

Such beautiful dance partners. Our friend, Taylor, was the director for this impromptu photoshoot.

SUPER old picture.. We were getting ready for a party.

Haha! She was in the GIANT dryer that was in our school gym.

At the Renaissance fair. I made the wings.

She and I in the lunch line. The boy is Evan, he is my ex. And her ex. (We didn't date at the same time!! They dated in fifth grade. We dated in eighth grade.)

I absolutely love this picture.

This is what happens when you put my hair in pigtails. I love the look on her face.

We were pirates for Halloween.

She looks SOOO good in hats.

This is just how dorky we are..

Nerd glasses and loads of Silly Bandz.. She raises her eyebrows A LOT in pictures.

We counted her one dollar bills. This wasn't even all of them!!

Another SUPER old picture!! It's just too cute!

We're princesses. Didn't you know??

Another one from the Renaissance fair.

On the stairs.. We stood on those stairs FOREVER while all the moms took pictures. I love this picture. She looked GORGEOUS that night!!

At the eighth grade dance. She was super pretty.
Well, that is my best friend in the whole world. She is one month, three weeks, and three days older than I am. And she NEVER lets me forget it. Haha =) I love her to pieces. But everyone who meets her does.

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