Friday, August 12, 2011

My brother, Sarah, and I went horseback riding. He's two years younger and twenty feet taller than I am.

Kyle, my aunt, and I were mining for gems. Haha we found some pretty good ones. My aunt LOVES gemstones and her love has been passed to us.

My family went up to Michigan last spring. This was on one of the Great Lake beaches. What you can't tell is that it was FREEZING up there and had snowed that morning.

My mama, Kyle, and I in Michigan. She kept making us get out for photo opportunities. Kyle doesn't like having his picture taken. Haha stinks for you, kiddo!

My BEST FRIEND and I at our eighth grade dance. Well, this was the dinner before the dance but, still. Doesn't she look lovely? She'd argue if you said so but she is very lovely.

Gabby (my bestie) wrote me a confession letter in History. (That class is terribly boring) Then, she shot pictures of me reading it. I wrote her a letter back.

My Brittney and I were spending the day at her house. Haha we went riding on a lawnmower. That's what they do up in TR. We checked the mail. And shot pellet guns.

My best friends and I downtown. Sammie, Gabby, Corey (I believe), and me. I was the only one without an "ee" sound at the end of my name.
There you have it. Pictures of my life and some of the lovelies in it.

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