Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More About High School

So, I believe high school to be pretty spiffy. For starters, we can pretty much have whatever color hair we want. Mine is navy blue, and that's toned down for some of the colors that go through there. Second, they're not super strict about phones. We're still not allowed to text (duh) but we can check the time and not get our phones stolen!! Third, the teachers are SUPER helpful. I can't even begin to imagine how many times I got lost and had to ask for help. Then, once you got to class late, they let us slide. Okay, I don't expect that for the ENTIRE year, but it's nice for the first few days.
My science teacher is pretty sock rocking. My librarian (I have two Skinnies with her..) is amazing. And my homeroom teacher has Audrey Hepburn, Einstein, and Eleanor Roosevelt quotes on her wall.

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