Friday, August 26, 2011

Belly dance

I'm belly dancing this weekend and I am soooo excited! We (dancers of Layali Layla Middle Eastern Dance Company) are dancing for the Upstate Women's Show this Saturday. I absolutely love belly dance and big performances are my favorites. I mean, who doesn't love to show off in front of a bunch of other people?? To make it even better, I am dancing two of my absolute favorites. DRUM SOLOS!!! Drum solos are The. Most. Fun. To. Dance. After the two drum solos, we're performing a cane dance. Three of the dancers are doing a veil/finger cymbal dance. Two of the girls are dancing a beautiful duet. And then Layla will perform a sword solo, if there's time.
My mama and I-- she dances with us but won't perform =(-- after a performance at Caesar's.

My Layla (on the left), Charlotte (in the red. She's going to college now so we don't see her as much =(), and I after a performance at Caesar's.

From a beautiful photo shoot with Oliver Yu. The other girls took  absolutely breathtaking pictures.

More by Oliver Yu.

And a final by Oliver Yu.
For videos of Layali Layla Dance Company at various performances, see their YouTube account.

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