Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things I love

I love tea. And I LOVE Alice in Wonderland. The tea party scene is my favorite so I felt that this was only fitting.
So I LOVE Christmas. Cats are my favorites, as of the moment. I also love this blog. 
I WANT ONE! These fuzzy chickens are TOO CUTE!
I made these cookies. They were DELICIOUS!
Christmas is my all-time favorite! And I LOVE this tree. 
Cutest. Costume. EVER! I want to dress Bug up as a dragon.
This backpack is super cute.
......Can I come play??
Cutest tree ever
This GIF is too funny. Source     
Yarn bombing looks AMAZING! Someone could do this to my yard.

Now for a bunch of links.

I love the Dainty Squid blog and this post is my favorite.
I love beanforest's pins on Etsy. I even have some of my own.
This shop is TOO cute!

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