Monday, August 15, 2011

Thank you

Dearest Sabryna,
     Even if you ARE just a silly hamster, I still love you. And thank you for telling me that I am an amazing blogger. Guess what?? The Giver starts this week. Hopefully I can go (so sad I missed The Neverending Story. But that play's still going.. teehee)
The Purple Buffalo
We look super sexy in our shades. You know it.

This picture just scared me.. Evan worries me. But you worry me even more. But Wade worries me the most.

I. Love. Caitlyn's. Face. In this picture. We're all smiley and she's all mleehhhh

Do you remember that Spencer was trying to dive in front of the camera? Because that's why my face is like this.. I meant to smile but Spencer scared me.

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