Monday, August 15, 2011

Bye Bye Blue Hair

We start school on Wednesday. I'm kind of worried. It's a new school and I have absolutely NO idea where to go. All I know is that I have Potions in the Dungeon. (Okay well it's Biology in the "basement" but I like feeling like Harry Potter.) But mostly, I'm SAD. I'm not particularly fond of summer but I love my summer hair. This year it was magenta for the first month and blue for the second month. Blue hair is my absolute favorite color to have my hair!! Oh well.. It'll go back to black for a few months (which will give my bows a chance to pop..) until next summer. This winter I might dye the tips white for a Christmas-y feel..
My pink hair.

My blue hair. I get Christmas kicks in July.. So I crafted.

My black hair. Well, it's more brown here. But you get the point.

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