Friday, August 12, 2011

Bug =)

So, my aunt had a baby in February. His name is Grayson, but I call him Bug. And he is my favorite person ever. He's so sweet, with his gummy smiles, hugs, and soggy kisses. I'm kind of sad that he's learned to hold his own bottle because I loved sitting with him and feeding him. That baby gives The Biggest Burps I have ever heard! And it is sooo adorable! He looks exactly like my grandfather, it's the nose. Everyone in our family has that nose.
Here he is, at six months old.

This is the day after he was born.

Isn't he so adorable? That little smile is so amazing.

In between dances. Two of my favorite things: bellydance and babies.
When he and I go out, we often get very dirty looks if we don't have an adult with us. I dunno why everyone assumes that just because I'm holding him, it must be my kid. And everyone glares at a teenager with a baby.

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