Saturday, September 17, 2011

Teenage Pregnancy

   I went down to my grandparent's today to craft and my Bug was there. We were talking how, whenever I go out with him, I get crazy dirty looks for holding him. This got me thinking: Why is there such a stigma against teen pregnancy?

   In APHG the other day (AP Human Geography), we were talking about teen pregnancy and what the first thing we thought of when we saw a pregnant teenager. First thing said, "She must be a whore." Really? Now must she? Is it possible that she just wasn't educated about sex? Or that she wasn't taught about contraceptives? Or maybe she just fell prey to the "it can't happen to me" mentality that teenagers have? No. That's inconceivable. She MUST be a whore.

   And, another thing, why is it only the girls? Why aren't the guys labelled and put down and bullied? I mean, they did the exact same things that girl did. But I don't hear the fathers being name-called and looked down on. I don't think that's really fair. Nobody ever talks to the guys about prevention of teen pregnancy. They just yell at the girls.

   And why are the girls "whores"? I mean, they can't be the only girls in this world that has dot-dot-dot-ed. ("Mamma Mia" reference xD) but they're the only ones that are publicly judged. I mean, maybe it's because they have to carry the evidence under their sweater ("Juno".. I'm on a roll!!). I'm not sure but, either way, it isn't very fair. And not at all nice.

   Then, when asked for reasons behind their pregnancy (no, I know the reason. I mean.. Just.. keep reading), their home life was attacked. They must be neglected, living in a lower class society, or the daughter of teen parents (which is actually a pretty high reason for why but, still). That wasn't very fair. Again, lack-of-sex-education might be the reason too.

   But enough about my controversial topic. I just thought that, maybe if I can get some people to think, I could start a chain reaction. Maybe the social stigma would be changed. Maybe these girls wouldn't be judged so harshly.

Must she be a whore since she's pregnant? Nope. Source
Let's judge her too!! Source
   Oh and here's one where they satirize the teen pregnancy. "Let's wear too-short, provocative dresses, shove basketballs under them, and dance around EXTREMELY suggestively" (it was one-toe away from the line of suggestive and simply.. yeah. =/ ) is SUCH a good idea for THREE FLOATS in ONE parade. Read the article here, it was so bad that the news wasn't allowed to show it.
   Here's an article about "Slut Shaming", since this is pretty much what this is. Not fair and generally ignorant.

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