Monday, September 26, 2011


Mascara and I have a VERY love-hate relationship. As in, I WANT to love it. But it hates me. So I fight it. Every once in a long while it behaves for me but, no matter what mascara I use, it always looks spider-leggy. Seriously. I own THREE DIFFERENT TYPES of mascara!!! Every. Single. One. FAILS ME!! (Today's blog shall be in RED because I am very angry at the mascara.) 
What I want to look like. (My Audrey.. She's so pretty. Her eyelashes were SO AMAZING in "Two for the Road") Source
What I normally wind up looking like.. =( Source
HOWEVER!!!! Eyeliner and I love each other. We've been nigh inseparable since sixth grade. <333 That is true dedication there. I feel weird leaving the house without it so I never do =) sometimes I put it on just to stay at home. 

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