Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Lovin'

Dinosaurs (as I've mentioned in my Mustache post) are epic. Not, like, "The Illiad" epic. No. Like, super-crazy-rock-awesome epic. Epic with a capital "EPIC". They are that epic. I'm just gonna stop talking and let the pictures do the talking for me.
I want this bar!! It's so ridiculously amazing!  I mean, I have just the bejeweled green balls in my navel right now.  However, the dinosaur... Just.. aah. =) Source

For those of you that live under a rock, "rawr" means "I love you" in dinospeak. I actually taught myself how to draw this, drew it, and then taped it to my wall. #nerd Source

Steampunk. Dinosaurs. Pins. I have died. I have gone to heaven. I am in love!!! Source

Mario.. Dinosaur.. Yoshi.. Rainbow.. Eggs.. #Heaven!!!! Source


Oh. Em. Gee. This. This, right here. This. Is The Shizzz. So pimp. Source

I have a love of bows. About every single day, I have one in my hair.  Source

This made me giggle. Especially since I mentioned above how dinosaurs were the shizzz... It's poop. And dinosaurs. On a leash. I think that's actually a little man that's been crushed by the poop... teehee Source

I should've put this at the beginning. Would've rendered my translation guide irrelevant. Source

SILLY BANDZ!!! I love these things. The dino pack and the farm pack are actually hanging from my student ID as we speak!!! xD Source

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