Monday, September 19, 2011


With the raver community, there's a new form of jewelry called "Kandi." I am absolutely smitten with it. No, I am not a raver. Never been to a rave, doubt I ever will go to one. I just stumbled across Kandi on YouTube and absolutely loved it!! I wear 27 bracelets and 2 necklaces every day. Every one is different. And I have a bajillion different beads! It's so calming, just sitting down and stringing bead after bead onto elastic string. (Pony beads, for those of you who want to know.) 
It's super funny 'cause I'm in high school. Everyone's completely fascinated with my bracelets and I'm like, "y'all know that these were the same beads you played with in kindergarten, right?" but they still think they're super cool. I look like a toddler on acid. (No, this is not a drug endorsement. I never have and never will do drugs. I don't approve of it in adults. DEFINITELY DO NOT GIVE YOUR TODDLERS HARDCORE DRUGS!!!! That is bad.) 
Some pretty kandi =) Source

My kandi 

My beads. (With the exception of my alphabet beads. Those have gone missing =/)

Some pretty kandi Source

ELMO!!! Oh I love Elmo xD Source

I also love mustaches Source

And Pokemon. (I pronounce it Poke-a-mon... Is that weird?) Source

This just amused me. Hot Topic has bracelets like these that support finding a cure for breast cancer. I shall have to get one!! Save the ta-ta's!!! Source

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