Sunday, September 11, 2011


Or Fall. Whichever you prefer. It really doesn't matter to me what you call it, since I'll always LOVE this season! This season just makes me SO HAPPY! 
I'm really not a summer sort of girl. Actually, I REALLY do NOT like summer! Where I live, it's always super humid. Like, breathe-through-a-straw humid. And hot. Not as hot as it's been in Texas (thank the Lord!!) but still obnoxiously so. And, as my grandmother put it, we live on Devil's Hill so we NEVER get rain. It will pour on the other side of our hill, but my side of the hill? Forget it. Not a drop. (Though we did have some crazy hail.. Looked like it had snowed, even the day after the hail.) 
Enough about summer, 'cause that's just bringing me down. I love autumn. (And I love calling it autumn. But you can call it fall, if it so please you.) Autumn, to me, is Halloween, Renaissance Faires, leaves, apples, cinnamon, comfort food, and so. much. more. Cocoa is the bomb and, while it's technically a wintry beverage, I prefer it in fall. Oooh and all the clothing options that become available!! Plus the weather is just super pretty! It's relatively dry in autumn and the temperature is cool. Occasionally it gets cold but that just means SWEATERS!! Mmmm.. Autumn =) it makes me so happy.
Isn't this just SO ADORABLE??? I can't wait to take Bug apple picking. Source

She's so super cute. I love her outfit!! Source

Fairies xO I LOVE THIS!! (It kind of amuses me how the baby in the middle is all 'WTFluff???' xD) Source

How can you NOT love this?? So pretty. Source

Too cute! Source

I love her hair, her blog, her leaf, and her scarf. Source

Such cool boots! And a nice sweater-vest combo to boot! (pun intended!!) Source

...*drool*... I also love getting to wear my bear hat in the fall and winter. Source

Yum yum yuuuuum!!! Sheperd's Pie!! Almost as good as.... Source
CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS!!! This is my favorite autumn dish. Very Southern. Source

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