Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Mustaches are epic.

That pretty much sums everything up. I have a love of mushrooms, dinosaurs (I'm wearing dinosaur knee socks RIGHT NOW!!!), knee socks, glitter, and mustaches. Flair pins and Silly Bandz are pretty pimpin' too. But this post shall be about mustaches.
Really, just pictures of mustaches. 'cause I think they're cool. No-Shave November is coming up. Ben's participating in it. (Two months away but he promised his friend that he would so.. yeah. =) ) I'm not really sure where along the line I started to think that mustaches were cool. But I do. And I have mustache earrings, tshirts, and stickers.. I'm such a nerd.
Okay, a little more talking. So, while Googling for mustaches, I came across THIS!!!! ---->  I thought it was crazy-epic so I posted it here.. I know, pretty rockstar. Here's what they are:
     "The Great Mustache off is a charity contest and fund raising event for testicular and prostate cancer awareness and research. Founded by Phoenix, Arizona residents Jon Heinl, Jeff Dempsey and Dana Witt in 2007, the organization aims to continue to raise funds through a world-wide mustache contest." Source
 Pretty cool, right? I thought so too so I decided to share. Now!!! ONTO PICTURES!!
I find this belt to be pretty schnazzy. And rather eco-friendly. Source

Do you like mustaches?? Because I like this shirt. Source

Ben and I with our mustaches. I know, we look crazy-sexy. 

This is a freakin' amazing tattoo!! I kind of love her for getting this. Source

This is just a really epic picture of the different types of mustaches. Kyle has a shirt like this and I'm totally planning on stealing it to add to my two other mustache shirts... =) Source
One of my friends got a knitted mustache. I am crazy jealous and plan on stealing it from her. But don't tell her. Shhh..

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