Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Odd Little Me

My family, Ben, and I are going out of town on Saturday. (We're going to the Renaissance fair. I am ridiculously excited!!) I have the weirdest thought process when in other states.
I always think that the other people on the highway must be tourists also and that nobody ACTUALLY lives in that state. Nobody on the highways, anyway. I also believe that no houses, grocery stores, or any other establishment designed for every-day life are located off the highway. Never mind that everywhere I go in my daily life is off the highway and that I'm used to taking exits.
So, basically, I believe that there is a different highway used for tourists and for ACTUAL people that live in that state.
I realized this odd thought process this summer when we went up to Pigeon Forge on vacation and felt that it would amuse y'all.

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