Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It is Spirit Week at Woodmont this week. Fun, right? And our schedules are ALL MIXED UP!!! =O *gasp* and I had third block (the ONLY class I have with Ben<3) first today. It was confusing. But none of this matters so you can skip to THIS PART!
So.. I have Chorus third block. In Chorus, I am an alto so I sit on the far left of the risers on the very bottom shelf. I sat down today and noticed that my chair was a little too far left, almost at the edge. "Oh well," I thought. "It doesn't matter. I'll just scoot it a few inches in."
*Fast forward five minutes* Everyone is seated. The teacher is talking and we're all quiet. An alto behinds me needs to get down but can not. I scoot left a few inches to let her through.
I fall off the risers.
My chair is on top of me.
Everyone has stopped and begun staring at me.
Mrs. Owens rushes over and begins asking "Are you okay??" and I'm just on the floor. Giggling my butt off. Blushing SO HARD!
My chair is still on top of me.
With as much dignity as I can muster, I stand my chair up and sit back down. Everyone is asking if I'm okay. I'm fine. They don't believe me.
*Fast forward three hours*
I retell this story in my fourth period Teacher Aide. A sophomore turns and says "Oh. That was you?" He isn't in my Chorus. I ask who told him and his response? "Everyone. It's all over the school."
*cue blushing*

What you have just read is 100% true. (I seem to have a thing with furniture falling on top of me.. I can think of two other circumstances like this one..) This is what happens in my life. As if enough odds aren't already against me, I have to now be known as "that girl who fell off the risers with her chair when she was sitting perfectly still." 5'1.5", a freshman in sophomore/junior classes, colored hair, petticoats, 4,000 bracelets, and enough skill to fall off the risers when sitting still. That is me. I'm just so amazing.
Ben<3's just so lucky to have found such a complete package. Haha xD

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