Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mi Novio

I just realized that I've blogged about pretty much all of my other friends except Ben! Well, he's been mentioned in plenty of other posts but he's never gotten one all to himself. Well, he shall today! 
The first time I actually talked to him (aside from the second day of school when I freaked out and started chattering about two..) was on facebook. He friended me but I had NO clue who he was. But then a mutual friend said that he really wanted to be my friend and that he was in our Chorus class so I gave in. This is how the beginning of our first conversation went: (he's in green, I'm in pink)
I see how it is.
How what is?

  • You need someone to tell you who i am when you should know who i am by remembering how sexy i was yourself :P
  • should i have a "hug me" button on my lanyard or a "freehugs" one?
    I'm sorry. I'm terrible with names. I really should. You're the sexiest person I know xD
    Free Hugs. Fo'sho.
    • xDD okay
    • And since you put it that way... its okayy
      Awesome. Good. I'm relieved.
      did sidney tell you you how i was staring at a news feed of yours waiting for you to accept my friend request o_o
      No. That's a little creepy.. O.o
      • well
      • i sent you a request
      • and i got a news feed of you
      • and i was wondering why you didnt accept my request
      • so i was just sitting there wait
        it going up minute by minute xD
        So, the first time he ever talked to me, he creeped me out. But something must have been right because he asked me out a week later. (I later learned that he intended on talking to me from day one because I had cool hair and awesome lipstick.. I thought it was cute.) 

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