Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sexy Beast

Bryan had a very good idea so, if I should die between now and midnight, I'm gonna wish you a PRELIMINARY happy birthday! I got your presents and your card is FREAKING AMAZING. So.. Happy birthday! I love youuu! And, you do realize, that you have now spent OVER HALF YOUR LIFE with somebody as sexy and amazing as ME??? Because it's true.. Just saying.
And I feel like we've been drifting apart but I'm ALWAYS here for you, girl. FOREVER! And, even though I believe that your mama and I should pick your boyfriends, I will support you through MOST of your decisions. (There are some stupid ones that I will smack you and say "what the fluff were you thinking??")
I wish I could make a card as amazing as the one you made me last year but I don't have the patience (you know how neurotic I am about straight lines..) or the time. SO, in 2 hours and 8 minutes, I will write you a crazy-long blog post. You can have that FOREVER!!!!! xD
So.. I LOVE YOU!! Happy birthday. Live it up (but not too much) and have fun!!

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