Friday, October 21, 2011

Gay Rights

Coincidentally, today is LGBT Pride Day. I just got into an argument on facebook about.. *drumroll* GAYS! Now, I am all for lesbians/gays/bisexuals/transgenders. My take on things? As long as it's legal and moral (no trying to sleep with a goat. I am against bestiality. Sorry.) and makes you AND the other person happy, go for it. So.. I thought that I would share MY comments (I will leave the others out of this. This is MY blog and I'm ready to defend myself. I don't need to open them up to criticism and fights.) on here. (Ben<3 described them as a "braingasm" and I spent WAY too long on them for them to get lost in the garbage pail that is facebook.)
Setting it up, a bi girl commented about how she HATED when people are disgusted by her bisexuality and that she was proud of who she was and didn't plan on changing. Some radical Christian came in and basically told her that all gays would burn in hell. This is what ensued:
     That's a load of crap. If God was so against gays, why hasn't he ever said anything? Or struck down the gays? Or whatever else y'all have decided that he should do? No. Not everyone can be homosexual. The species won't continue that way. The Bible is not a do-all. It's an owner's manual.
So.. You basically just said "God loves everyone. Except gays. They go to hell. Don't pass judgement." But you are condemning gays to hell for sinning when all they did was love the "wrong" person? That doesn't seem particularly fair, and rather judgmental and disrespectful. There is no way out of being gay. If I walk up to a gay, and say "God hates you because you don't love the right person," they aren't going to go "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't know that God felt that way. I won't be gay any more."
"Gays don't deserve to be burnt for being gay." But you can condemn them to an eternity of burning torture? Okay. We'll pretend that that's okay.
"Being gay is just as bad as lying"??? Really? So, loving someone else is just as bad as lying? Okay. So, if someone goes out and steals a car, hurting someone in the process, but says "I didn't do it", that's as bad as simply LOVING ANOTHER PERSON?? Okay. That TOTALLY works! Killing is a sin. But so is love. So, you have to love ONE KIND OF PERSON or you're going to hell.
Why did God decide to make so many different kinds of people if it was only acceptable to love a certain person? We're all God's creatures, right? So why should we be the ones to judge someone else for loving another person? Why should we care? Oh, right. Because some wack-job decided to interpret a book-- that was spoken by God but recreated to suit man's purpose-- a certain way and say that she's evil because she loves other women. That means that she should go to hell. Because she manages to look past the exterior, past sex organs, past chromosomes, find who she really is, and live her life the way SHE decides it.
All right, that seems fair.
Also, if your book is the ONLY one that is right, why are there SO MANY OTHER books out there that say they are the only one that is right? Did you ever think about that? How about how YOU would feel is some insignificant mortal condemned you-- which only YOUR maker should be allowed to do-- because YOU didn't love who they felt was the "right" kind of person?

Rant over. Go about your day. Just don't be gays. 'cause you'll go to hell for that nowadays. Who knew!

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