Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall for Greenville

Ben<3 and I went to Fall for Greenville today. It was crazy fun. And I totally love going downtown "all dressed up." Today I wore an everyday outfit of a Hell Bunny dress, knee-high Converse, and two petticoats. Some little old lady walked up to me and went "You look so darling today. Can we take a picture of you?"
Cue awkward pause. "Umh.. Sure?"
So, there Ben<3 and I were, sitting on steps, and some little old man was taking a picture of me. It was insanely awkward. (Ben<3 "wasn't as cute as I was" and didn't get his picture taken, though. But I thought he was incredibly cute. =)<3 )
Then I had to explain to Ben<3 what a Fraggle was. (We were in the Mast General Store and I saw a Fraggle doll and got all excited.) I told him that he had to come watch the show some time.
Then I got distracted by the CHRISTMAS SECTION!!! And that ended the Fraggle conversation. (I've decided that he isn't allowed to go out-of-town the weekend before Thanksgiving because I'm decorating my room that weekend and he must be there to watch old Christmas movies and help me decorate my tree because I'm teensy like that. xD )
All-in-all, today was incredibly fun. I rather like downtown. I rather like Ben<3. I rather like autumn. I REALLY rather like Christmas (I REALLY rather like Ben<3 too..).

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