Monday, June 25, 2012


There's this new "craze" going around called Thinspiration, or Thinspo. As you can probably tell from the name, it's inspiration for becoming thin. They give you healthy eating and weight-loss tips. However, much of what I've seen, is borderline anorexic.
And not the, "Oh, she's thin. Let me put her down by commenting on her weight" anorexic. Actual anorexia nervosa. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here's a quick definition:
This is not healthy. This is not weight loss for health. This is pro-ana (pro-anorexia). This is terrifying and a plague upon both our houses. (Sorry, I needed to quote Shakespeare..) But, seriously, it's terrifying. Because there are girls and boys who read this stuff, believe it, and then repeat it.
Now, I have no problem with weight loss. I even pin some things. Because they're healthy for you. It's just saying, "Hey, want to lose a pound? Here, just burn x more calories than you eat." or "Here's some healthy foods that boost your metabolism." None of it encourages people not to eat. It's sick.
The average US woman is 5'4". At 5'4", a woman should weigh 124-138 pounds. A whopping 33 pound difference. The average newborn is 7.5 pounds. So, basically, the thinspo woman can carry four newborns and be at the low range for average weight.
I know that everybody is a different shape and size. I know that a "healthy weight" is different for everybody. I have a friend who's naturally tall and thin. Another who's short and thin. I'm short and dense. I know people who are tall and dense. The point is, people should be encouraged to get to a weight that's healthy for them. So, no. Taking somebody that's healthy at 130 and telling them that they should be at 100 isn't healthy. 
And guess who thinks like that? Who thinks that a perfectly average, healthy weight is fat? And who doesn't eat? And who prides themself on not eating? Anorexics. That is a common denominator of anorexics. A fear of food. Or a loathing of food. Or a fear of becoming "fat."
Now, a question for the girls who pin and blog and "tumble" Thinspo because it's "attractive." Do you think that constantly being cold is sexy? How about mottled, sallow, greyish skin? Fatigue? Constantly being sick? Hair loss? Are those sexy? Because those are common side effects of anorexia. As is death.
And the tips for how to hide not eating. (That isn't even thinspo now. That's purely pro-ana.) That's disturbing. That is a mental illness. It's not to be prized and praised. Not to be shown to the world. It's horrible. You're, essentially, hurting yourself and those around you, so you can be "pretty enough." Stop. It isn't healthy. If you really want to lose weight, there are healthy ways to do so. Seek those out. Go to your local gym. Or just research. But, please, stop this. It's messed up.

Now, for some videos:

I feel like I've poorly phrased this entire thing. That I'm attacking people. That I'm just scaring them. That I haven't gotten my point across. But I'm hoping these videos made somebody somewhere think and act upon their thinking. And not pro-thinspo. Anti-thinspo. Fitness and health and exercise and balanced diets are healthy. Losing weight is normal. Pushing your body to the extreme and bullying yourself and not eating are terrible and dangerous. Those behaviors aren't normal. Especially if you feel like you have to hide it.

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  1. Very true. These videos and ideas are outrageous! I'm very proud to see that I raised you to know that people come in all shapes and sizes, and beauty isn't related to how skinny you are.