Friday, June 8, 2012

Biggest Fears

I came across this girl on YouTube who is doing a "Vlog a Day June." And, since it is June, I want to join in. But I'm blogging instead. Because I'm a terrible and neglectful blog owner.
So, Day 1 was "20 Facts," but there are a lot of facts about me here, so I'm going to skip that. Day 2 is "Your Biggest Fears."

I'm afraid of a lot of things. Actually, I'm afraid of very little. But many things make me nervous or anxious. However, I will only share three today, since that's the assignment. (Note: The word "assignment" makes me feel like a spy.)

Fear número uno: Getting old. Actually, not so much getting old, but becoming incapable. I don't mind aging. It's a natural process. However, I never want to lose control of my body or my mind. That thought terrifies me. I never, ever, ever want to get to the point of basically becoming a vegetable and a burden on my family. Because, along with this fear, I'm terrified of them no longer wanting me and dumping me in a nursing home so they can live without hassle. That thought just freaks me out. I never, ever want to be without my family.

Fear numéro deux: Zombies. They absolutely terrify me. To the point where I have lost sleep over that. I'm actually afraid of the dark because of my fear of zombies. Multiple times, actually, I've called Ben crying because it's dark. (He's amazing. He always answers the phone and talks to me until I fall asleep.) What doesn't help? All of these super-publicized cannibal attacks, that everybody's relating to the zombie apocalypse. That freaks me out. The poor man in Miami that had his face eaten? Yeah. When I heard that story, I almost started crying and panicking.

Fear numero tre: Go-Karts. I hate being in go-karts. They scare me, since I hurt my friend with one due to my inability to find the brake. I can't even be in one now, much less drive one. My mom took me in one a couple of months after my friend-wounding go-kart incident. I was just sitting next to her, holding our purses. I was clutching them for dear life and refused to move. It got so bad that she kept asking me what was wrong. Yeah. I'm not a friend of go-karts.

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