Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Rest of My House

A while ago, I posted about my ideal bedroom. Now, I'm going to go back and post about my ideal house! As with my New York series, I'm giving myself a Kardashian-esque budget. I mean, why put a limit to your dream-wallet? There's absolutely no sense in that! So I shall take all things from my Pinterest boards and move them here, to display my tastes! Feel free to tell me, or show me, what you guys like in a home! I'd love to know! (Note: I will try to give my madness some reason here, but living room things may end up near bathroom things, which will be mixed with kitchen things. So abandon all OCD before reading on.)

This is really pretty. It so does not match any of my other pictures, but I'm okay with that. Maybe I'll by a weekend-getaway-mountain-resort with my Kardash-Cash (I tried to write Kardash-Kash to make it seem cute, fun, and new. But the misspelling really annoyed me.)

This is too cute! I would so put it in my kid's room, or their playroom, or something. For some reason, it reminds me of Kaylah over at The Dainty Squid.

Ooh! So pretty! I love all the windows! They are just too gorgeous!

I'd much prefer this in pastel blues, purples, and greens. But this is pretty for a little girl's room.

Oh. My. Gosh. This is a fantastic idea! I need one! No clue where it would go, but I need it!

This house is just too ridiculously pretty. (The house itself, not the colors! Or the window unit.)

Kind of really in love with this bed. And the shape of the room. Plus, I love all the pillows and blankets. I burrow when I sleep, so I need tons of stuff on my bed.

It would be even prettier in pastels. Which is odd how drawn I am to pastels and creams, since I want an easy-to-keep-clean house.

So pretty! Love the French doors.

This was just schnazzy.

Imagine a little silver tray filled with perfumes. Oh! To. Die. For.

I just like how light and airy this looks.


This table is just really pretty and quick organization.

It's a slide. And stairs. It's a stairs-slide. Enough said!

Oooh.. How gorgeous! So much closet space! I just realized that I kind of suck at doing the whole-house thing. This whole post is mostly closets, bedrooms, and a few other rooms hither-and-yon.

Imagine looking out over New York City! It's so chic.

I'd prefer cats in that chair to dogs. I'm a cat person, not too fond of dogs. I mean, I won't kick your dog or wish it ill. I don't hate dogs. I would just much rather have a cat.

Pillows. Windows. Outdoors.

This is a really cool idea of using gates and such to keep kids in-- or out-- of places. Like, just a wrought-iron gate instead of a baby gate. I think it's really cool, and a lot prettier!

I just love windows. Give me a well-lit room, and I'm sold.

This was actually a guest bedroom idea. I just think it's really cute! Very nautical. I could see it for a beach house. You know, if I ever actually visited (or liked) the beach.

For the front porch. Again, very nautical.

Again with the well-lit theme.

Such a pretty nook! I would put this in my daughter's room.

So. Gorgeous. I love big houses, and I really like the greenery.

I want a big, old, magical-looking tree in my backyard that I can make into a "fairy tree" and hang lights from, put little windows and doors on, and just have fun with it!

So chic! I love the chandelier.

Ooh! How cozy! A breakfast nook! Except, I'm not a big breakfast person. But a table's a table, no matter what meal.

I. Want. This. as an entrance to my house. It's very Hobbit-ish.

I thought this was a window seat! It's actually a bathtub. But I prefer the window seat idea. So that's what I'm sticking with.

How pretty is this?? Very!

Ooh! So open and I love the vanity.

It's a reading nook. With a window. And French doors. And mirrors. I think mirrors just look really clean and nice and chic.

Again, I'm a burrow-er.

So, I hope you all liked that little look into my dream home! If you didn't, comment why, tell me what you would change! If you did, comment what you liked!

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