Friday, March 9, 2012

Dream Home

First a side note. Completely off-topic but I feel that I need to say it. I got my very first comment yesterday from somebody I don't even know! My Tumblr quotes post has been generating a lot of traffic. Like, over a thousand views. And this makes me super excited! I love when people comment, subscribe, notice, repost, post, reblog, just get my blog out there. So, if you could comment on this post, *like* or comment on the facebook post I link to it, or retweet the tweet I'll send out, it would mean SO MUCH! I know this is fishing, so I'll stop. But thanks to those of you who read this, it means a lot!

NOW, onto my actual post.

I don't know if you guys really care, but I love to make more personal blog posts. I feel like it adds a whole new, fun, personal layer to my blog. Plus, it's really fun to talk about. So, if you haven't guessed from the title, this shall be a blog all about...*drumroll* my dream home! Obviously, I still live with my parents, it'd be very weird if I didn't. However, being a teenage girl, I'm already kind of (read: really) planning what I want my house to be like. I doubt it will end up like this, tastes change, a fledgling's pocket is small, stuff happens. And I'm completely fine.
However, I thought that this would be a really fun post and really a look into my tastes. Plus, when I finally do move out, it's going to be fun to look back at this post. I'm going to go room-by-room into my dream home. I think that that would be the most practical and cleanest way to go about things. Let's get started!

Note: I do want kids. However, I'm planning this as an adult home, because it's just a lot of work to plan a kids home.

I plan on sharing my house, my bedroom, with someone. Because the thought of living alone makes me nervous. I have a fear of the dark, so I don't really want to live alone. Plus I get lonely easily.
I really like Elle's room. I think it's super fun and girly, but still remains classy. I'd like more of an androgynous feel to my room, that way my husband doesn't feel overwhelmed and out-of-place in my home. I'd really like a vintage, romantic, feminine, easy-to-keep-clean room. But, life isn't perfect. It's very messy. (Do you ever feel like you just attract messes? Like, you can sit in one place for years, not doing anything, and, somehow, a mess will just pop up? Yeah.. That's kind of my life.)

Go to 9:30 and I. LOVE. her fireplace. It is too gorgeous! And her perfume collection is simply amazing. I love the look of all the bottles. I think just the LOOK of perfume is classy, never mind the actual smell. Seriously,  you could hand me stank-water and I would love it, as long as it was in a classy bottle. This is probably why I don't have any perfume. (That and I didn't really like it until this year. Very recently this year, too. Elle actually has a perfume collection video, and I love it. I've become a really big girly girl these past few weeks. I blame the smell of Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. If you don't know the smells/overall appeal of those stores, you really need to visit them. They are a magical wonderland!)
I really like both of these beds. I like the shape of the top one, and the curtain. But I LOVE the colors of the bottom one. So I would smash them together into one big dream bed. I can't really find pictures that I like, so I'm just going to describe my dream bedroom a little, and move on. I want it really light, huge window. I love natural light, any house I would buy would need to have LOTS of windows.
My ideal dresser would probably be white, with a huge mirror (I like the look of mirrors. They make everything seem so clean and brighter), covered in Bath and Body Works goodies, Lush things, probably some Lime Crime, Victoria's Secret (everyone thinks of panties and loveliness, which they are, but, according to the YouTube community, they have some pretty stellar lotions, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.) and, of course, perfumes, and Tiffany's. Of course, in my opinion, every woman should have at least one thing from Tiffany's. I would love to grow up, and, as a "you're an independent woman with your own financial means" "present", go buy something from Tiffany's. Like a classic thing.
My room and bathroom would be covered in candles. Candles just look so classy and clean. Plus, they smell so good, and add a really personal touch to everything. Plus, they're excellent "mood lighting" and I don't mean "sexy time" mood lighting. I mean just soft, sweet, romantic. Not "ooh let's take off our trousers" mood lighting.
I dunno. I'm just getting into a really girly, "grown up", wanting to smell good time/phase. It's fun. I'm going to post about the rest of my house later, if you guys even care about this. If not, this is the end. Toodles!
(Sorry this is so long. I took two days to write it, and find what I wanted in it, and it's still not everything!)

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