Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ideal Spring Break

Bath and Body Works is having a little Pinterest contest for their Twitter/Facebook followers to create a board with their ideal spring break. (Read about the contest here, if you're interested.) I created mine, and decided to share it here. Let's start with:
Clothes are from Modcloth and my Pinterest boards.

Okay.. So, this is going to be a multiple-part post, since it would be crazy long if I did it all in one shot. So, now I'm packed. (Well, mostly. I shan't show you my intimate apparel, since that would be weird. And there are no cosmetics. My "beauty bag" would be filled with Bath and Body Works products-- tons of lotions and sprays.. They smell so good!-- and Hard Candy cosmetics, with my boxes of Ulta shadows thrown in. Plus, I'd never leave home without my flat iron, curling iron, heat spray, hair spray, tons of bobby pins, bows, and, in my dreams, I have nice, bright teal hair.)
Later, tomorrow, some time this week, I shall show you where I'm going and what I shall do there. Toodles!

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